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Buzz Of Reality Check – A Big Gap Between Real Life Vs Reel Life

Published on: 29/01/18 8:14 AM

Real Life VS Reel Life

reel life vs real life - Facts and reality Real Life vs Reel Life

We all love movies don’t we? But have you ever observed yourself reciting those dialogs in real life, haven’t you? We have all done that some day or the other.

Interesting Facts about Dialogs - Real Life vs Reel Life
Real life has a contrast with Reel life. As Real life is way different than the reel life.  Dialogs have ruined our culture and have projected a mentality that doesn’t even exist. Take the example of this dialog-“Ladki ki Naa mai haan Chupi hoti hai” whereas A Girls “No” is a clear “No”. There is no hidden yes or in between.

2- Dresses
Dressing Facts - Reality Real Life vs Reel Life
Dresses have always impacted girls as it gives them a fashion statement to look up too. Picking up a dress for right occasion is justified but showing actress wearing miniskirts everywhere is not possible in real world. Movies project right to dress up as they say- “Girls can wear anything but the reality is they still can’t”. If they choose to be like celebrity, they’ll be named as slut or will be stared or if-teased for dressing up the way they want. As a result some girls even end up being victim of rape. Movies project freedom to dress up but reality is we still don’t have freedom this freedom due to cheap mentality of some men. Dresses don’t define character in movies whereas in reality most people are still stuck-up with orthodox mindset.

3- Stunts
Stunts Performed Interesting Facts - Reality about Movies vs Real life
Bike stunts have always given us thrills in movies. Undoubtedly because speed thrills but kills.
Bike stunts have impressed us so much that we too experiment it. Until you are of a Biker profession don’t experiment this risking your life. Have you ever imagined it can be life threatening? Stunts are performed by experts but it has been intercepted wrongly by few. Youth indulge in them and end up breaking their bones and some end up losing their life as well.  Stunts have only increased a mindset to break rules as they believe “Rules are meant to be broken”.

4- Relationship
Love Relationship interesting facts - Reality Movies vs Real life

Watch this video from dabangg that is in contrast with reality.

Dialogs like-Thapar se dar ni lagta pyaar se lagta pyaar se lagta haiare not really useful in relationship. Have you ever met a girl on this planet who says that to a guy? I don’t think, any girl ever said that to a guy. Moreover such dialogs don’t provide us with the way to deal in relationship. The tips and tricks in movies portray a girl is impressed with some cheesy lines a guy says and flaunting stare games, but the reality is girls don’t.

5- Fights
Funny how bolly fights acn turn in real life - Reel life vs Real life

In Reel life actors is shown with so much aggression on every minor point that they start a fight. Whereas in Real life we can’t afford to indulger into fights on petty things. Moreover it’s an immature act, which shouldn’t be practiced. If you start showing anger on every point & start a fight I bet you will lose relations. Becoming angry birds won’t solve anything as anger is a not a solution to any problem.

“Reel Life runs on wheels of fantasy but
Real life runs only on wheels of Reality”
So let’s be our own version and stop becoming others copied model of already established models.

6- Government Initiative
Funny how life turns into on wheels - Reel life vs Real life Source

We have a message to  all teasers and punishment update from Mumbai police that is spreading awareness through Dialog from the movie Dialog-“Phool aur Kante” are covered under Section 336, IPC Act endangering life or personal safety of others.

Aisli jindagi mein aise kuch bhi nahi hota - Reality Movies vs Real lifeSource

We have something special for you ladies. P.s- we are giving gift coupons? Bad luck to if-teasers, now you are gone for sure. Girls know your rights to help them know what their rights against harassment’s are. Indian Penal Code lays down the punishment for obscene acts or words in public under Section 294.

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