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Bylakuppe: A Tibetan Town In Karnataka

Published on: 24/12/18 5:41 PM

Bylakuppe is a town known as “Mini Tibet”, situated 90 kilometers from Mysore on SH 88. The set-up, hues and colors and the people – everything is authentically Tibetan about the place.

Namdroling Monastery or the Golden Temple is the main center of attraction of the town. Namdroling Monastery is home to nearly 5000 monks and nuns, renowned as a center for the pure upholding of the teachings of the Buddha.

You will also find the less known Sera Jay Monastery which is relatively less crowded. Here the monks are happy to answer all your queries about their way of life. Exotic paintings and peaceful ambiance of the monastery make it a must visit shrine.

Tibetan Shopping Centre is a marketplace where you can find all kinds of trinkets ranging from Tibetan jewelry, handicrafts, clothes, and antique items.

Bylakuppe serves the best Tibetan food not found anywhere else in South India. Delicious fried and steamed momos are also sold at small stalls and the Tibetan thupka.

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