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Caminito Del Rey Bridge: Walk On The Path To Death

Published on: 19/12/18 4:30 PM

Danger seems to stalk this place!! This “Walkway of Death”  is the place where every adventure junkie and rock climbers’ adrenaline rush gets more intense. This is the world’s most dangerous pathway, yet one of the best hike in the world, known as Caminito Del Rey. This is a 100-year-old hike that stands at a staggering 350ft above the river below.

The Caminito Del Rey (or “King’s Pathway”) was originally built in 1901 as part of King Alfonso XIII’s ambitious hydroelectric energy project to unify three rivers.  It swiftly fell out of use and into disrepair.

After then, the Caminito Del Rey claimed the lives of five hikers. The most recent death occurred in the year 2000. The government of Andalusia then officially closed it in 2000.

After four years of extensive renovations, a new walkway opened up in 2015 and it has now become an exciting and scenic hiking trail. Today the Caminito is much safer but still as spectacular as before as beneath your feet you can see crystal clear water running quickly which is green and tempting.

The suspension bridge where you will be standing on the glass-floor observation platform boasts the best views of the five-mile walkway. 

To all the hikers, if you want to experience the visually incredible adventure you must visit Caminito bridge once in your lifetime, which is 60km away from Malaga city. 

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