You Can Bet On These Most Commonly Used Dialogues By Every Teacher!

Published on: 5/09/18 11:33 AM

Everyone Can Relate To These Dialogues
Of Our Teachers!

Each one of us has someday or the other entered into a conversation with our teachers, whether heated argument or a normal conversation. Where Some of us were good students but there were some students have been the cause of distress for teachers. And because of those naughty ones we have heard these “Common Dialogues” from our teacher’s mouth, ones in our school life. So let’s recall what were those dialogues of teachers that is still a memory for all of us and still can be bet upon?

1.Teachers Statement For An Indisciplined Class!

2. Teachers Reminder: For Those Who Treated School Not Less Than Their Bedroom!

3. When The Teaching Flow Is Interrupted And He Decides To Ask Those Backbenchers, What’s Funny?

4. When Its Strict Teacher Class And He Decides To Warn The Class Last Time!

5. Teachers Clear Statement For The Naughty Ones That Come To Class For FUN Not For Study!

6. When The Teacher is Unable To Deliver Her Lecture Due To Lack Of Discipline In Class And End Up Saying-

7.When Teacher Could Read Your Mind And Tell What Is Going Inside Your Head!

8. Answer The Question Loudly, Else Be Ready To Hear This From Your Teacher-

9. When Teacher Finds You Playing Under The Table And Caches You Red-Handed Saying-

10. Teachers expect You To Bring Your Notebooks Regularly And If You Forget It Be Ready For This Statement-

Hope You Enjoyed The dialogues given by our teachers.
Happy Teachers Day..!!
Cherish The teachers who made student life and school worth remembering…

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