How Can One Become An Early Riser?

Published on: 9/08/18 7:05 AM

Do You Know How Can You Compete The World, Just By Being
An Early Riser…!!

What makes some successful while others unsuccessful? The only reason to start your day early is to embrace a happy and managed life. On waking up late you begin your day late so let’s master the secret of waking up on time. So let’s try being an early riser as waking up late ruins the entire day.

 Don’t Make Hasty Changes


Start making changes in your schedule gradually by waking up 15-30 minutes earlier than usual. Try adapting this routine for few days and then spin back to the normal schedule, you would observe your body time clock making you wake up prior 15 minutes of your actual alarm.

Try Sleeping A Bit Early


Staying up late, or working late at night or even surfing the net at night hampers your body clock. As a result, you start to wake up late in morning. Try sleeping early even if you don’t feel like sleeping. If you are feeling tired you might toss to sleep automatically.

Keep The Alarm Far From Your Bed


Keep the alarm clock far from the bed so that when the clock rings you get up to switch it off. As a result, you are up and ready to embrace the new day.

Go Straight To The Washroom

Definitive Trick to be early riser

As soon as you are up, go to the loo and freshen yourself. As soon as you are done with the morning pee go for washing your hands and flushing your toxins. Then look into the mirror and see how ugly your hairs looked when you just hit the floor.

Make Waking Up Rewarding


As you are not a morning person but still you tried to be an early riser, reward yourself with some cute gesture to pamper your own self. You can reward yourself by making a cup of coffee, tea, smoothies or a good book.

Use The Extra Time

Waking up Early gives you extra time to exercise

If you managed to hit the day early, cook a breakfast for yourself. And you can also pamper your body by exercising as soon as you wake up. Doing this activity will make you embrace the happy bubble and happiness to hit the day. So jump-start your day and be an asset for your own self.

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