Caught Up With Inferiority/Superiority Complexion: Here Are Some Ways To Deal With It !

Published on: 21/04/18 3:55 PM

Here We Have Answer To Your Problem !

Since birth, we have been put into the various point of comparison that made us feel bad about us. But how many of you know that we are best in the form the God made us? very few right..!! So let’s glance through the methods to stop feeling like this anymore.

  1. Love Yourself

    Ways to Deal with Inferiority and Superiority Complexes

    To change the world first change the way you look at yourself. As you need to love yourself before you wish to be accepted by others. Be your first lover before someone else loves you. If you can enjoy your own company, understand yourself more and still fall for yourself- know this you are a person worth falling for..!! Accept yourself the way you are, only then others will accept you with your flaws. Remember no one is perfect that makes everyone unique and special so embrace your beauty folk.

  2. Acknowledge Unique Self

    Unique Self

    People start getting compared basis their skin, hair or even dressing sense that makes them grow with a self-doubt? None of us is perfect so we should not aim fingers on others until we have never committed a single mistake in our life. God made us in a way that perfectly suits our nature to later get complimented for our unique self. Feeling inferior is “when you start feeling bad for the things you don’t have in your physical appearance or in your life” and feeling superior is “when you be proudy about achievements or you believe you hold an edge over others”. Everybody has something special in them- so just read, analyze and acknowledge uniqueness you possess without being arrogant about your blessings or talent. Everything is given to you for a purpose so use it well.

  3. Source Of Inspiration

    Find a Source of Inspiration

    If you feel less about yourself, look for the celebrity that posses the same traits just like you to back yourself up to not feel like this anymore. Watch for something that lifts you up- be it people, books or even movies. Don’t look up at others success saying they are lucky as they too went through some hardships you know nothing about. Focus on your source of inspiration to be where you are destined for and stop envying other’s success.

  4. Focus On Strength

    Concentrate on your strengthSource

    We all possess some qualities that make us stand out from the world and that is our strength. Develop what you already have by sharpening those skills and focussing on it instead of crying over things that didn’t work out the way you wanted. People who won the battle were the people who standout even with limped knees even after being criticised, they worked hard and succeeded on purpose. Only inferior or superior tends to prove a point, not winners. As they know their worth so they don’t participate in such fights.

  5. Stay Away From Negative Ball

    Stay away from Negatives

    Negative people are those who know they will never win so they don’t let others win. They keep pointing fingers at you to pull you down or talk negative about your ideas, to stop you from executing the plan you have. Some think they know it all-especially the negative heads. Cut such people or walk away as they never seem to have an issue with the wrong they keep doing, unknowingly. To grow you have to cut the negative grass out of your life.

  6. Don’t Be Jealous

    Inferiority Complex due to insecurity

    Some people start getting jealous of everything that happens to the people they hang out with. This is the biggest insecurity which is not specific to age but is specific to nature of a person. People who fail to risk it hate seeing people climb the success ladder. But the problem is success comes to risk takers and not to the losers who believe they are always right about life. People who can take the risk only deserves to taste success cliff rest don’t deserve to be even close to it.

  7. Don’t Consider Yourself As ‘Nothing’
    Over throwFeeling of being Nothing


    You have an existence, don’t you? Never feel you are not worthy just because you encounter hurdles more than success. As life gives problems to the one who is strong not the one who will die seeing a problem coming near to them. So never treat yourself as if you are nothing as you deserve to be everything you ever wanted to be.

  8. Forget Your Past

    Bad Memories leads to ComplexionSource

    Past hurts and doesn’t let you grow as it makes you sink deeper into the hurt you ones faced. Accumulating bad memories will not help you to grow. So, don’t dwell on your past failures, breakups or bad memories. Just leave them and be grateful for what you already have.

  9. Identify Root Cause

    Identity Root Comparison Inferiority Superiority Complexes

    We humans think too much and create a problem for ourself that doesn’t even exist. People don’t make us feel inferior or superior it’s WE who make ourself feel this way. Staying grounded is something we should practice. Others opinion shouldn’t matter us at all.

  10.  Spend Time With Loved Ones

    Don't be machine spend time with familySource

    Don’t become a machine that wakes up, has breakfast, dress up, goes to work, eats, sleeps and again repeats this routine. Learn to find time for your loved ones when they are alive with you. When we have a blessing we tend to undervalue it but once we lose them we lose it forever. So, develop a world for yourself and live your life before you die.

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