Check Out These Traits That Clearly Define Whether He/She Is The “One For You”

Published on: 14/02/18 6:42 AM

Just Friends or There Is More To Your Story- Maybe Soulmates

Have you ever observed him/her, when they are around you? If not, look closer to these traits to know what’s their role in your life. Know they are Soulmates if the maximum of these traits matches.

1- No Playing Games
Being Straight - Soulmates Sign

Chess is not played with the one you dream of building an empire with. If your guy/girl finds time to be around you they are into you for real.

2- Secrets are password protected to heart
Save each others secrets - Soulmates Sign

Secrets are password protected to heart and there is no pointing finger on character nor humiliating them in public. You burry their secret for a lifetime not for making them cry someday.

3- You won’t hide his/her presence from your friends and family
Get known to friends and family - Soulmates Sign

If you are sure about your feelings for them then you won’t hide their presence and rather will flaunt them to your friends and family.

4- They are the one you remembers before sleeping
Remembering before sleep - Soulmates Sign

If you are getting sleepless nights, look closer to this. If you couldn’t stop yourself from remembering them before sleeping, guess what? you love them and want them to completes your love puzzle.

5- Their presence will give you butterflies
Getting Butterflies - Soulmate Signs

When they are around your mind couldn’t mute the song that gets played in your head “my dil goes mmm….” If their presence makes you excited just the way you go seeing your favorite food, glad to share they are the one you have been looking for.

6- When his favorite Song become your favorite Song, guess what its Love
His Favorite song becomes your favorite - Soulmate Signs

A song is another sign to know whether you are into them or vice versa. If you too fall head over heels for the song he/she likes, know that you have similar taste and are meant to be together.

7- You respect each other’s personal space
Respect each others personal space - - Soulmate Signs

If he/she not only understand your dreams but also give you the space for perusing them. Marry them, they are a keeper and love you for the person you are on the inside.

8- Meeting them gives you a blow of excitement
There presence gives you blow of excitement - Soulmate Signs

Have you ever observed yourself dressing up so polished that the one you meeting can guess that you Dressed to impress? Which even gives you a feeling of “Cheap thrills..”

9- You fight like husband wife and tease each other like tom and Jerry
You fight like husband and wife - Soulmate Signs

When a fight with him/her make you appear like a husband/wife and teasing make you behave like tom and Jerry, guess what you both are meant to be.

10-There jokes are best source of humor for you
Love there humor - Soulmate Signs

When you love his/her sense of humor guess what you love the feeling of being happy together for a lifetime.

11- Even after having options in life they choose to stay by your side
Stay by your side despite options - Soulmate Signs

When they choose you over and over again even after tough times and sever fights. Choosing you over his/her options is a true sign that he/she sees a future with you. Even after having options in life you are the one who rules their mind and you are the only one they wish to have for a lifetime.

12- They don’t fear to commit you to marriage
Committed - Soulmate Signs

Watch out if they run from you like crazy on hearing the word “marriage” they are just here for some personal motives that are not long term. A guy/girl that loves you won’t fear to commit you to marriage nor will hide your presence his close circle.

13- Worst DP’s don’t give you a reason to give up on them
Happy to Be with you despite DP - Soulmate Signs

If your messy hairs, weird color combination, without makeup look, not groomed look still impress him/her and doesn’t stop them from loving you. You are lucky..!!  Happy to share he/she loves you for the person you are inside out and he/she doesn’t think of giving up on you.

14- Despite Problems, they still choose to be with you
In adverse situations still with you - Soulmate Signs

He/she is the one for you if your relationship doesn’t drown in troubles and still manage to be a morning that came after a storm. You guys are meant to be and they are the one for you. If you can relate to these signs and get reminded of him/her at this instance, marry them.