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WTF !!! Chinese Zoo threw live donkey in front of the hungry Tigers

Published on: 6/07/17 7:17 AM

Animal brutality is something which could be seen everywhere all across the world. The country like China has crossed all the limits in animal slaughtering & brutality.

From Giant Whales to poisonous snakes and from homely dogs to innocent cows everything is been served as a meal by the Chinese people.

Here, the value of animals is not more than an organic machine which doesn’t have any feeling of pain & suffering.

A horrific incident took place at a Zoo in Changzhou, in Jiangsu province of Eastern China where a group of men threw a live donkey in front of two tigers.

According to the reports, the men were led by one of the investor in the zoo who was involved in a dispute with the managers. The investor was facing poor returns which further resulted in the dispute.

The zoo said that the donkey was thrown in the Tiger’s enclosure ‘in a fit of rage’ & apologized the onlookers & promised them that this incident will not be repeated again.


According to the witnesses, the donkey was taken out of zoo with several other animals for selling purpose.

However, after being getting stopped by the security the men decided to throw the donkey in Tiger’s enclosure in order to feed the hungry beasts.

According to the reports, After the donkey was hauled in, the zoo staff & visitors rushed to stop the men from pushing the sheep in the tiger’s enclosure.

One of the Chinese news organization The Paper quoted an unnamed investor saying that "Since we could not have any benefits, we thought why not feed to the Tigers, at least we can save on animal feed."

According to the reports, the assets of the zoo were been frozen by the court two years ago.

‘Freezing of assets means that the zoo cannot issue any kind of animal transport permits, quarantine certificates and other important documents’ added The Paper. The shareholder said: "Without these documents, we can only watch these animals die."

A video goes viral on internet where few men were clearly seen, throwing a donkey in the tiger's enclosure & donkey’s struggle for life finally leading to its death.

Buzzhawker strongly condemns such a inhuman act. What’s your opinion ???

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