List Of English Words That We Indians Have Mispronounced From Long

Published on: 5/03/18 10:27 AM

Do You Know These Words..???

Here is list of English words that we Indians have Mispronounced from long in our daily life. Let’s know these words to present a polished vocabulary while speaking instead of looking funny.

1-Its not bowl, but bol
Desi Indians and there funny pronunciation of English Words
2- It is not Meme but mee-m
MeMe - Mispronounced English Word by Indians
3-It is not tier but tee-erIndian Pronouncing English Word Tier
4-This is how mojito is pronounced
Funny Pronunciation of English Word Mojito
5- It is why-null
Mispronounced English Word Vinyl in India
6-The word pronunciation is pronounced as pro-nun-cee-ation
Funny English Pronounciation
7-It should be pronounced as boo-fay
Indians Mispronouncing English Word - Buffet
8- This is how you pronounce the word forte
Commonly Mispronounced English words by indians

9-This is how you pronounce the word Latte
Funny Mispronounced English Words in India - Latte

10-This is how you pronounce the word Karaoke
Most Commonly mispronounced english words in india - Karaoke
11-How we pronounce Yacht
English Word Yatch commonly mispronounced by indians