Crazy Rich Ambanis

Published on: 18/11/19 8:37 PM

crazy rich ambanis -lets dig into the lifestyle of india richest men - mukesh ambani

While the rest of India is going through a financial crises, hunger, poverty and diseases remain rampant, the entire country is spending lesser on food, and global unemployment is at an all time low, the crème-de-la-crème of society continue to live in a golden igloo which is completely isolated from the reality.

And the worst part is, this igloo, with its lavish weddings, vintage cars, diamond jewellery and golden toilets (yes, you heard it right, golden toilets) just keeps getting bigger and wealthier and glossier, and how: it sucks on the last remaining pennies tucked away by the poor people and middle class people by luring them continuously with newer and more useless products, luxuries and services.

Just think about it; these hills of palaces that some of India’s billionaires maintain and keep, where do they get the money for it- it is every last penny taken from the common folk of the country. Not just people, even the earth and nature pays the price of their unending need of money hoarding.

Yes, even nature pays the price. Do you know, every stage of a construction activity has a behemoth environmental impact? The biggest environmental impact is greenhouse emissions. Construction by-products like diesel and other fossil fuels, paints, solvents, and toxic chemicals, even minor chemical spills leech into the water and get mixed with the fee-flowing water and harm marine ecosystem and pollute water bodies.

In fact, there is so much harm that is done to the environment on construction of a single building, that you would probably stop reading this article even before we make our actual point. So all we want to say is this- just think of how many buildings, museums, hospitals, temples, hotels and resorts, does every rich guy commissions…. Just to create more avenues of money.

Sometimes when we look at the wealth of billionaires, we can’t help but draw comparisons between them and the chanda collector of the neighbourhood; they keep looking for new opportunities to take your money- eagerly waiting for festival season so that they can collect chanda from people, build a small procession from the money, and keep the excess for themselves. After all, Baap ka maal hi to hai.

The only difference is that, billionaires do it on a much, much, much larger scale; they don’t stick to one neighborhood. And they don’t wait for the festival season.

Today, we want to give you a sneak peek at the crazy luxurious life of one billionaire whose wealth is probably enough to give a luxurious life to his next 17 generations of progeny.

Yep, they are the Ambanis!

You can probably estimate the net worth of Ambani by the fact that not Shah Rukh Khan, or Deepika, or Ranveer or Priyanka, but international pop star Beyoncé to dance at Isha Ambani’s more-than-a-dream wedding. For some reason, people keep referring to Mukesh Ambani as India’s richest man, but everybody knows that he is Asia’s richest guy, actually. His company is worth $ 100 billion dollar.

Let’s make it clear as to how rich Ambanis really are…

Hillary Clinton, yes, one of the world’s most powerful leaders, Hilary Clinton, attended the wedding of Isha Ambani. The woman who could be the next president of America attending a private event…

In the same wedding, each invitation card cost around Rs. 3 Lakhs.

According to an anonymous witness, the Isha Ambani wedding was so huge that there was an actual air traffic jam around Udaipur at the time, due to the never-ending barrage of 300-400 flights of tourists from around the world.

Yup, that’s how powerful Mukesh Ambani is.

Most rich men gift their wives diamond jewellery on their birthday, while Mukesh Ambani gave his wife her own private jet.

Their home in Mumbai, the Antilia, is 27 stories high, and is worth $1 billion approximately. It is the most expensive building in the world.

Aaaah…to think that landfills of wealth that could be used to eradicate nearly a quarter of the world’s problems being lavished on things that would soon turn into, literally, garbage, makes us cry.

But, life goes on…

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