Dare Asking These Questions To A Girl Only If You Are Ready To Face The Consequences

Published on: 20/04/18 3:07 AM

Boys Watch Out Before You Piss Her Off..!!!

Dear boys if you think your questions don’t piss a girl then you are badly mistaken. As your questions irritate a girl more than you can even imagine. So dare to ask these questions only if you can handle her volcano of anger.

1- Do You Have A Past?



Never make your past or future hijack your present as it will kill the peace. Sit back and embrace the beauty of today to not let past event ruin your beautiful today. Don’t ask her about her level of relationship she had in her past. Asking her questions like-were you physical with him? Are you still virgin ?or How close was your relationship with him? Only a stupid will ask her these questions. Because men don’t share you how close relationship they had with a girl. How many girls are done on his list? So stop behaving as if you are a pure man as majority man are not. Stop worrying about her virginity as you might have lost it to the love of your life. Better if you learn to deal with it. If you truly someone for who they are their state of virginity will definitely not be an issue for a right man.

2- What Are Your Stats?


Don’t ask or talk about her physical appearances such as color, weight, her stats, or her age. As these questions will burst like a volcano into her head that will burn you with her anger. What makes a girl beautiful is not makeup but her beautiful soul and heart, remember that. Don’t compare her beauty with that of your ex as she is your present and she is best with her originality.

3- I’ll Suggest A Parlor Therapy? 


Don’t suggest her what’s best for her until you barely know about her life and things she goes through. Her parlor therapy is her personal call, so don’t try to be her beauty expert when she didn’t invite an advice from you at first place. As you barely know the ABCD of beauty and its treatment, so let her breath in her own skin.

4- Are You Jealous?


If you think you can make her feel jealous by posing pictures with the random girls-Ohh, Boy..!! you are so wrong. Making her jealous will only drag her away from you as she has no time for attention seekers and drama. So be ready to get ignored if you tried this cheap trick on her again, as she will make you pay for it by ignoring you.

5- What Are Periods?


Dear boys don’t go pretentious about not knowing periods or asking her what is it? Don’t try to be so frank that she freaked out and shut you out of her life. If you are really concerned, give her space to get over her mood swing phase. And if you still don’t know about it get yourself updated with correct facts.

6- let’s Have Virtual Romance By Sending Adult Messages?


Not every girl is like the one you see in movies. Boy, don’t send her adult jokes until she is comfortable with you. just because she talks to you doesn’t mean you stand a chance to have her messaging you late at night.  If you don’t know her life don’t unnecessary creep in if she doesn’t invite you. Dear girls never trust a guy so much that you end up sharing your private picture with him as the one who asks for it doesn’t love you that’s for sure. Because a man raised in good upbringing will never ask for it and will respect your yes/No and will never force you to do something don’t don’t wish to do at first place. Dear man, Respect her “no” as it means a “no” only, so don’t read behind the lines.

7- Don’t Ask “Are You Single, In A Relationship or Married”? 


Dear boys, we know you fall for every girl down the lane but this doesn’t give you a license to ask her irritating questions to her. Don’t ask such questions to a girl- “are you single or married” or “are you in a relationship.” It’s her life and if she finds you worthy of her life she will definitely let you know.

8- Principles Are Old Fashioned, Please Break It For Me?


A girl raised in arms of a king tend to have principles in her life. As she leads a life of her own and you are no one to decide right or wrong for her, she knows it better. Your girl is not the robot that will follow your instructions or bend her principles for you, just because you want your desire to be fulfilled. She has a life of her own and her principles define her life path don’t dare to guide her what she should be doing in her life.

9- I’ll Decide What Is Right For You?


You got her love but that doesn’t mean you own her to cage her life behind four walls of your house. Don’t restrict her life with the shackle of do’s and don’t as she is mature enough to take her decision. If you wish to get divorced try ruling her and she will teach you what it feels to set oneself free by ending everything with you.

10-I Need To Talk, Where Are You?


Don’t set unreasonable expectation until you want A “The End.” Don’t expect her to be available 24*7 and report you about her life giving you live streaming to what she is going through or doing in her life. When you feel romantic, you start crawling in her life to get her love. But you are never found when she needs someone to be there for her. Sorry to disappoint with the truth but only a few men treat her lady and give her the attention she deserves. Rest all aim to get their sexual desire fulfilled from her. No offense pal, but for some of the you-her mood, her problems are not worth addressing.

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