Funny Questions Asked By Salman Khan On Dus Ka Dum?

Published on: 20/06/18 9:39 AM

Do You Know What Are Those Questions??

Salman Khan is back with the most-awaited reality show- Dus Ka Dum. The show will be telecasted every Monday and Tuesday at 8:30 PM IST on Sony Entertainment Television. Let us know those funny questions that are never asked on any reality show so far.

1. Kitne % of Indians have looked at a couple and thought: ‘Iss lallu ko ye ladki kese mil gai?

This question is truly epic and relatable. Because we have seen this happening to someone.

2. Kitne % of Indians believe that ‘Teen Tigaada Kaam Bigaada’?

Yes, that’s true. If you involve a third person to your problem it will only complicate it and not resolve it.

3. Kitne % Bhartiyon ko school ke dino mein apne teacher se Pyaar hua hai?

I think most of them. But yes subject to some exceptions. Do you agree?

4. Kitne % Bhartiya Ko Kabhi Na Kabhi Kisi Jaanvar Ne Daudaya Hai?

What a question..?? It simply hints every person’s life and has a direct point on Salman Khan’s personal life as well.

5. Kitne % of Indian women like ‘tall, dark and silent’ type of men?

Definitely, a lively girl won’t go for a silent guy. I guess no one likes to have a wall in the house that doesn’t speak. Silent can never be a type if you aim for fun in life. Silent would be preferred by a girl that loves peace at home and no conversation in the house.

6. Kitne pratishat Indian Cricket viewers Sochte hai if they move from watching the match, India would lose?

I think all die heart fans of cricket must be screaming a yes on this question. Some people believe by watching the match they contribute to the match and so if they move India would lose.

7. Kitne % Bhartiya patiyon ko sirf isliye safa chatt rehna padta hai kyunki unki daadhi mooch unki patni ko chubhti hai?

Such a personal question set on stage. OMG..!! Definitely, its a struggle for wives, as they are born with soft skin that can get prone to rashes with that hard-hair of the mustache.

8. Kitne % Of Indians Whistle While Watching The Film In A theatre?

The people who do are mostly the ones that are extremely open about being the center of fun at the theater to drag attention on them that they are enjoying it.

9. Kitne % Of Indian Men Think They Are More Intelligent Than Women?

Well, most men must be thinking its true but do it matters to girls, no not at all. All smart girls will disagree.

10. Kitne % of Indian men were scared to sit on the ghodi at their wedding?

Who ask this on a public platform but it gives a side of men hiding a fear of riding horse. This question would definitely be the deepest fear of a guy that they deep hiding from the world.

11. Kitne Pratishat Bhartiya Ko Mithai Apne Ghar Walo Se Chupa Kar Khaani Padti Hai?

Most people especially the ones that are suffering from some kind of diseases go for eating sweets by hiding it from their family.

12. Kitne % Bhartiya mahilaon ko shaadi hote hi unki saas ne pucha hai ki wo ‘good news’ kab de rahi hain?

Here comes the most intolerant question to a newlywed.  It doesn’t complete a women identity so it shouldn’t be a force on her. And it shouldn’t be a matter of concern, from a girl that is new to the family and finding hard to understand everyone. Dear ladies stop complicating lives for the newly added member of your family. Let the couple decide not you as not all girls aim that out of a marriage.

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