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Dating in the olden days vs. dating in the modern era

Published on: 5/02/20 9:45 AM

Traditional vs Modern Day Dating Scenario Explained - Funny Must Read


Millenials don’t appreciate dating technology enough. We go online, find someone we like, strike up a conversation, start flirting, get a little bit intimate, and move on. Since most of us millenials have the same state of mind, we don’t mind becoming someone’s chew toy cause its give and take.

We need a bit more perspective to really appreciate how technology has simplified dating, so much so that there is no more thrill left in it. There was a time when, in the absence of technology, guys had to physically show his interest in a woman by pursuing her, throwing coy glances which have to be accurate enough to be not mistaken as creepy. There was no certainty, like we have today in the form of left or right swipe, that the girl or boy you like likes you back. You had to shoot your arrows in the dark.

To appreciate, we need perspective. Let’s get some.

  1. Kundi Mat Khadkao Raja

         Seedha Andar Aao Raja

Approaching Girls have changed from olden days to modern style of dating

In the olden days, before wooing a woman, a guy needed to woo her father. If a father didn’t approve of the guy, then you might as well move on to the next girl.

In the modern era, to pursue a girl, a guy doesn’t need permission from her father. All he needs is her permission to become her follower on Instagram.

  1. Stalking Equals Love, Pagli.

Olden Style vs Modern Dating Style -  Pursuing Women

In the modern dating era, if a guy likes a girl, he can stalk her on hours on end on Instagram or Facebook, without worrying about being caught.

In the olden days, a guy who liked a girl had to literally stalk her, on foot, to catch a tiny glimpse of her. No wonder people in those times didn’t have to hit the gym. Attraction towards a guy or a girl made you walk endlessly.

  1. The Morning After

One Night stand - Olden Days vs Modern Days Dating Scenario

In the olden days, if a girl had sex with her boyfriend, the next morning, she had to worry about getting married to him as fast as possible. “Kuch ho gaya toh?”

But in the modern era, when a girl has sex with her boyfriend, the next morning, all she has to worry about is finding a pill.

  1. Store Shopping vs. Online Shopping

Store Shopping vs. Online Shopping - Traditional vs Modern Dating Comparison

In the olden days, there wasn’t much of a dating scene. So if you find someone that you like, you had to pursue that person, talk to their family and your own and let him/her know of your feelings. If that worked, you pretty much had to settle with whatever you got and hope for the best. Dating in the olden days therefore was like normal store shopping: you go to five to six shops max, compare the stuff from all shops, find the one which is best quality at the cheapest price, and hope that it doesn’t betray you later. No matter how smart and choosy you are, asli aukaat to ghar jaakar jaakar hi pata chalegi.

But, in the modern era of tinder and aisle, dating is like online shopping. You have all the choices on a screen, so you can make a better decision, sitting right at home. If you don’t like what you got, you can return it and continue with test runs, until you find the perfect match.

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