Dialogues From The Movie We Have Been Using Unknowingly In Our Daily Life!

Published on: 3/05/18 12:16 PM

List Of Dialogues From Movie!

Here we have a list of dialogues that will make you fall for Bollywood movies even more. We have used some of these dialogues in our life. As movies are based on someones’ life that is bound to connect us at some point or other.

1-Live A Carefree Life To Do All You Desire!

2-A Man Of Words Is A Man Of Value!

3-After Efforts Comes Destiny That Has A Final Call!

4-Every End Is A New Beginning!

5-Every Friendship Has A Border Line, Never cross That!

6-When You Are Super Expressive, People Think You Are Crazy!

7-Fighting With Dear Ones To Get Pampered!

8-When Your Way Of Expression Is Too Hilarious!

9-When You Know That Girls Are Not Less Than Man!

10-When Your Smile Can Make Someone Fall For You!

11-When You Are Your Favourite

12- You Can’t Stop Yourself From Falling In Love!

13- One Sided Feelings Hurt Sometimes!

14- Presence Of Someone Matters Most Sometime!

15- Friendship Rule!
16- Remember Me In Prayers, Silly!

17- A Mix Of Some Old Dialogues!

18- When People Underestimate And You Know Your Powers!
19- Chase Life With Open Arms!

20- And The Brutal Truth!



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