Why Its Difficult To Find Love For An Intelligent Girl?

Published on: 11/05/18 8:30 AM

If You Are The One That Complains About Not Finding
A Perfect Partner, This Article Is For You!

You feel the goodness you possess, will drag the right guy, but unfortunately drags the bad ones that end up playing with deepest feelings you possess about them. As most people don’t want to commit as to them-
life is a game so they play with every random feeling they encounter. It’s difficult to attract someone that is as good as you. But don’t worry girl! Look around yourself and you’ll be glad to discover intelligent women who are heading in their professional front. While they are not good at personal front in terms of finding someone.
We can find love but what’s difficult is finding a mature man who would treat you the way you deserve to be treated. As you want someone that ease out life and not tangle it like a mystery”.
Let’s know the reason why an awesome woman spends time staying single?

She Is Comfortable In Her Space


From being fiercely independent to being survivors, she has done it all.  She is comfortable with herself and has cherished her personal space. And needs to be double sure before she lets anyone into her personal space.

Stay Away From The Wrong Circle

Intelligence is the key that makes her bold and smart enough to face situations with confidence. She can be alone and doesn’t fear to stay alone. She knows what she deserves so she cant settle for something less than her worth. Staying alone is better than being in a wrong circle, so she ensures to embrace her unique self. And doesn’t let herself to fall for wong circle of people or wrong habits.

Realistic Definition About Mr. Right

She believes in sharing a close bonding with the person she loves. So she doesn’t fall for fleeting attractions like many boys- that is a physical attraction. As she is well versed a person who could touch her soul deserve to be close to her. She strives for loyalty and commitment in her bonding being a deep person that value emotion. You know you will never play with their feelings so you want someone to treasure your feelings like you do and not play timepass games with you.

She Is A Busy Bee


She has many things to do in her daily life. Be it from pursuing her hobbies to managing her social and personal life. She manages it all like a pro and that’s what makes her so busy that she barely finds time for new interactions. She is so engrossed in her life pursuing her dreams that she has no time for dating someone. Her schedule is packed that restrict her to open to new conversations.

Knows What’s Best For Her

She won’t give her heart to just anyone and would use her mind before putting it in someone’s hands. As she can’t risk her life to be broken again, so she takes every step after evaluation.

Has Plans That Restrict Her To Commit

She is the clear strong headed girl that has plans and dreams about her life. And has some task to be done before she chose to settle with one man. Her life commitments restrict her to commit to the guy. A plan for 10 years from now is already made by her and she sees a future for herself.  She aims to grow as an individual and that’s what restricts her to commit to a partner for long. As work and dreams come first for her and can’t compromise with that.

Prefers A Long-Term Commitment


She doesn’t rely on the feeling or idea of love. As she wants a mutual agreement with her guy on some important stuff of her life. Like her longterm visions, financial habits, family planning and so on. She is clear about what she wants from her men that could offer her a long-term commitment.

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