Why Its Difficult To Maintain Eye Contact During A Conversation?

Published on: 28/05/18 2:45 PM

Why It’s So Difficult?

Do you know what makes a conversation difficult? No. It’s undoubtedly the locking of eyes. If you look into the locking deep eyes you might not be able to concentrate on the conversation. As that kind of eyes will not let you concentrate on the context on which the conversation has stated. But there are more reasons that can hinder your brain so let us know those reasons to avoid making eye contact.

1- Stammering Talks


If you focus on maintaining an eye contact with a person who is born with locking eyes, you’ll be carried away dear pal. So don’t let it come in your conversation as a source of distraction. Because if you try practicing were contact you might experience shaky voice and stammering talks that won’t make a good impression on you.

2- Listening Ability

If you are focussing on making an eye contact rather than being a productive listener, you’ll lose focus as it distracts the listening ability. A breakdown in conversation occurs when a person is busy staring at the eyes of the speaker rather than understanding the context of the speech.

3- Prolonged Eye Contact


A person who is less confident about their speech tends to practice this habit of prolonged eye contact. As a result, it gives a wrong message to the person who is being unstoppable starred. People who lack self-confidence tend to speak less and are found staring others more in a conversation. So to project they have the knowledge they start pretending a prolonged eye contact to show they are hearing whereas they are actually not listening at all. If you ask them for details they won’t be able to share it with you.

4- Time Of Response


If you involve eyes to give a good impression on the audience, then make sure you don’t experience a pitfall. As it will be difficult for you to make a quick response to what is asked of you. So making an impression is secondary and responding to the questions is primary. So if you wish to be an active participant in the meeting involve yourself in making quick contact rather establishing a deeper contact with everyone around. It’s fine if you are not attending a meeting for a response rather attending the same because your boyfriend or girlfriend is a part of that meeting. Whee, Someone is Smiling..!!

5- Silence Doesn’t Always Mean Knowledge

People who tend to practice silence more than speech are mainly for two reasons- when they know something or they know nothing. A person who practices silence tries to project themselves as knowledgeable that is far from their reality. So don’t believe in silence if you have something to share dare it and share it. A person who is silent not always possess knowledge so don’t assume them as one. Because some are good at befooling others by keeping mum about problems and situations that demand a speech.

You might have heard that “Eye Contact Makes Conversation Better”. So why is it bad to practice in a conversation?


The Saying- “Eye contact makes conversation better” is absolutely true. Won’t disagree. But it’s for those that are confident about their speech and can manage various eye gazing at them for a solution. As most people put in that frame are unable to handle so many eyes on them and go sweaty palms. As a result, they start practicing haste prolonged eye contact giving the wrong message to the person they gaze while sharing their views. Also, It increases chances of stammered voice when asked for a solution to a problem. So practice it only if you are confident unless let things happen. Speak only when you have something to add and not to break the flow of the conversation by asking stupid questions. Open your mouth for add-on not for standing in embarrassment zone, dear pal..!!

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