Sorry!  Disha You Are Not National Crush Anymore, It’s Smriti Mandhana Now & The Internet is crazy for her!

Published on: 4/07/17 11:13 AM

Every another day women’s gives us one more reason to praise them and makes whole nation feel proud of them. It seems like it is an era of women everywhere.  A very famous dialogue from our favorite film ‘Dangal’ “Mahri chori choro se kam he ke…” takes a perfect pinch over here right now.

Women’s have proved that they are no less than a man in any sector or we can say they are just two steps ahead. May it be gymnast Dipa Karmakar, Badminton player P.V Sindhu or wrestler Phogat sisters Geeta and Babita much more. And now another name added to this list, it’s none other than Smriti Mandhana, She is Indian Women Cricketer. Indian Women team Defeated Pakistani Women team in WWC by 95 runs and won our heart.

Team India chose to bat first and gave Pakistani team a target of 170 runs. Indian women team played exceptional on the field that Pakistani Women Team bended knees in front of them and yes Indian women team not only won the match but also our heart right out there.

These unsung heroes of our country were hardly given attention. In the history of Indian cricket, this was the first time that people took interest in women cricket match. But here country lost their heart on young and talented cricketer Smriti Mandhana too. Smriti is 21 years old cricketer who chased 90 runs and century in 2 matches. Now she is a new crush of the country.

Yes! She defeated Disha Patani and became the all new National crush of our country. After Indian Women Team won WWC match Twitter was flooded with loads of wished and cheers. But there were people who also expressed their love for Smriti Mandhana.  Smriti’s dreamy eyes and mesmerizing smile made her fans fall for her.

Here are some of them:



Oh! Sorry, Disha you are no more crush of our country, from now Smriti is a national crush. And Buzz Hawker congratulate Smriti Mandhana for her victory, Keep it up, girl!!