Do You Agree With These Scenes Displayed In Movies?

Published on: 25/06/18 3:55 PM

Do You Agree?

Bollywood movies are undoubtedly amazing but in some instances in the movie make it senseless sometimes. Some movie clips make us question the nonsense. Let’s see what are those things present in the movie that makes

Fire Fighting Cars

You must have observed the cars used in movies are usually firefighting cars whose tire don’t burn not petrol catch fire while passing by a fire. To make the movie even more thrilling such scenes are inserted but some movies don’t even have a proper plot before they launch that car from the window of a 20 story building.

Conveying the Wrong Message About Love

Bizarre ways of conveying love - Bollywood Movie Scenes

Movies have been set wrong benchmarks about getting a girl. They believe stalking, harassing, leering, and eve-teasing is acceptable to get a girl fall for them and later the girl gets married to him only. By using dialogues like- “ladki ki na mai haa chupi hoti hai” whereas girl’s No is just a No no further addition needed as it appropriately speaks her consent on that matter.

Our Immortal Heroes

Despite how major is the fire is our heroes will survive it being superheroes. Sometimes its so evident that there is no chance of survival still they survive and come out an immortal species. despite being attacked by more than 5 bullets they survive while villain dies in one kick, punch, and even one bullet shot. Strange isn’t it?

Business Empire Is More About Conspiracy Than Business

Have you actually seen a business-oriented movie doing serious business?? No right. What do most movies have in the name of a business is- casino, luxury life, business empire, revenge story and casino games. Whereas, no business is actually shown all you see is conspiracy and casino life.

Love Needs Rain

Do you agree that love is only bound with rain, like really? A person won’t realize their feelings until it rains. Rain usually starts when the hero is staring her and start realizing his feelings for her soon after it rains. Convenient, yet not related!

High Profile Schools And Colleges

expectation about the college you have nothing to blame except movies. Most of the school pass out think they’ll have a life just like the movie Student Of The Year. But unfortunately, that’s not real and moreover silly.

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