Do You Know How Many Times Nervous 90s Hunted The God Of Cricket “Sachin”?

Published on: 24/04/18 3:16 PM

All the cricket fans in India are busy in enjoying thrilling IPL matches. It is a time when every cricket fan is busy in cheering up his favorite IPL franchise, but it is impossible to forget another important event. It is 24th April and it is the birthday of the “God of Cricket” Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin is the man who made every Indian believe that we can stand up and relieve the dream of being the world champion again. He has offered many great performances throughout his cricketing career. Sachin has turned cricket into another religion in India that connects everyone with one another.

Cricket fans across the globe respect Sachin and praise his dedication towards the game. Hence it is Sachin’s Birthday, you may find many great posts about him on social media platforms. We are here to discuss something different that everyone wants to know. How Many Times Nervous 90s Preyed Sachin Tendulkar in his career? You might be getting excited to know, so let’s find out.

Sachin’s 90s in Test Matches

Nervous 90s Test Dismissals Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar could have added 10 more centuries to his record if he could have survived in the nervous 90s. All his Test Nervous 90 dismissals are as follows:

1. 96 against SriLanka at Bangalore on 26 Jan 1994

Sachin has faced 140 balls and hit 15 4s, but he did not succeed to turn this great inning into a century. It was the very first time when nervous 90s hunted him.

2. 92 against West Indies at Bridgetown on 27 March 1997

Sachin was playing a key role and leading India towards the win, but then everything slowed down. He faced 147 balls and hit 15 4s and 1 six, but he again failed to score a century.

3. 97 against South Africa at Mumbai on 24 Feb 2000

2000 is the year when Sachin had missed four golden opportunities of scoring centuries. In this particular inning, he had faced 163 balls and hit 12 4s and 2 6s.

4. 90 against England at Banglore on 19 Dec 2001

The seriality nervous 90s continued during 2001. In this inning against England, Sachin had faced 198 balls, hit 13 4s, but he got stumped. It was another unfortunate dismissal for the god of cricket.

5. 92 against England at Nottingham on 8 Aug 2002

He was playing quite fast and hitting 4s after 4s, but again nervous 90s hunted him. He got bowled at 92 after facing 113 balls. Sachin hit 17 fours in this inning and everybody was expecting him to hit a great century, but things didn’t go according to fan’s expectations.

6. 94 against Pakistan at Mohali on 8 Mar 2005

Sachin was playing quite calmly in this inning. He had faced 202 balls and hit 11 4s, but again he did not succeed to score a century probably because of nervousness.

7. 91 against England at Nottingham on 27 Jul 2007

In 2007’s Nottingham test, Sachin had faced 197 balls, hit 12 4s, but he lost his concentration as he scored 90 runs. The bowler got a chance to prey him and took his wicket.

8. 98 against Australia at Mohali on 1 Oct 2010

It was the first time when Sachin got out in the nervous 90s against the Aussies in the test cricket. He faced 198 balls, hit 13 4s and then the bowler succeeded to lbw him.

9. 91 against England at The Oval on 18 Aug 2011

2011 was probably not a great year for Sachin because he missed many opportunities of scoring centuries in this year. In this particular inning, Sachin got LBW out after facing 172 balls and hitting 11 4s.

10. 94 against West Indies at Mumbai on 22 Nov 2011

Sachin was playing really well in this inning. He had faced 153, hit 8 4s and 2 6s and then got out. The fans at his home ground were ready to witness another great century, but Sachin had failed to score it again.

Sachin’s 90s in ODIs

Sachin Tendulkar ODI Nervous 90s Dismissal

It would be a bit tough to describe Sachin’s all the ODI dismissals in nervous 90s. He failed to turn the 90s into memorable centuries 18 times in his ODI career. All of those ODI innings are as follows:

Runs Against Match Date Balls Faced 4s 6s Venue Dismissal
90 Australia 27-Feb-96 84 14 1 Mumbai Stumped
91 England 11-Dec-97 87 4 2 Sharjah Stumped
95 Pakistan 14-Jan-98 78 6 5 Dhaka Bowled
93 Pakistan 21-Jan-00 103 10 0 Hobart Bowled
93 South Africa 19-Mar-00 89 7 4 Nagpur Caught
93 Sri Lanka 1-Jun-00 95 10 0 Dhaka Caught
98 Pakistan 1-Mar-03 75 12 1 Centurion Caught
97 Sri Lanka 10-Mar-03 120 7 1 Johannesburg caught
93 Sri Lanka 25-Oct-05 96 9 2 Nagpur Caught
95 Pakistan 13-Feb-06 104 16 1 Lahore caught
99 South Africa 26-Jun-07 143 12 0 Belfast run out
93 South Africa 29-Jun-07 106 13 2 Belfast Bowled
99 England 24-Aug-07 112 15 1 Bristol Caught
94 England 5-Sep-07 81 16 1 The Oval Caught
99 Pakistan 8-Nov-07 91 14 1 Mohali Caught
97 Pakistan 15-Nov-07 102 16 0 Gwalior Bowled
91 Australia 4-Mar-07 121 7 0 Brisbane Caught
96 Sri Lanka 21-Dec-07 104 13 0 Cuttack Not Out

People in India and across the globe consider Sachin as the greatest batsman of all time. He has scored 100 centuries in all forms of cricket. The total centuries could be 127 if he did not get nervous at that time. However, billions of people still love him and celebrate his career. He is and will be one of the greatest cricketers of all time.