Do You Know The Causes Of Tuberculosis And How To Deal With It If Diagnosed?

Published on: 20/04/18 6:05 PM

Commonly known as TB, Tuberculosis is a deadly disease due to which millions of people lost their life. TB is an infectious disease that affects the patient’s lungs very badly. TB’s infectious Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) bacteria can travel from one person to another person in very tiny sneeze droplets. It can quickly spread and affect any healthy person. Therefore, knowledge about TB’s symptoms, precautions, and cure is important to avoid this disease.

Though tuberculosis is not an incurable disease anymore, it can still cause severe damage to your health. The lack of awareness about TB’s causes, symptoms, and cure is the main reason behind the increasing number of TB patients. You may think you are safe but TB’s bacteria can affect your health anytime and anywhere.

Pay your attention to the details shared in this article so that you can protect yourself against TB and make others aware of TB.

Tuberculosis Types

Tuberculosis infection is divided into two types which are:

Types of Tuberculosis infection

  • Latent TB

When the tuberculosis bacteria remain inactive in the patient’s body and it does not cause any symptom of TB, this condition is considered as Latent TB. The doctors also call it Inactive TB infection or simply Inactive TB. It is not a contagious health issue. Therefore, it is not as dangerous as active TB.

The Latent infection can change into active TB and that would be a serious health condition. So, it is important to get proper treatment and cure Latent TB as soon as possible. A recent research shows that over 2 billion people are suffering from Latent TB and they need a quick cure.

  • Active TB

Active TB is what causes symptoms and affects numerous healthy people because it is contagious. It can make you sick and put your life in a serious danger. The active TB bacteria can affect your health within a few weeks after causing TB infection.

The doctors believe that about 10% of all the latent TB patients can soon turn into active TB patients. Many governments are trying to make people aware of this fact so that they can control TB.

Tuberculosis Symptoms:

Ther are no symptoms of Latent TB. The known symptoms of Active TB are as follows:

  • If a person has a cough for more than three weeks, it can be due to TB infection.
  • Blood while coughing.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Chest pain while breathing.
  • Fever, fatigue, chills, and loss of appetite.

When to meet a doctor for the treatment?

precaution from TB


You should meet a TB specialist surgeon when you experience a few or all of the mentioned TB symptoms. TB infection can be dangerous to your life. You might think that weight loss is a normal procedure. The sudden weight loss occurs only when you are suffering from TB or any other dangerous disease. The doctor will perform some necessary tests to diagnose it. These tests will prove whether or not you are a TB patient. If the test results are positive, you can start the treatment immediately to cure this disease.

Precautions to prevent TB infection

TB is an infectious disease. Its bacteria can transmit through various sources. Therefore, you should take some extra care to stay away from this disease. Follow the given precautions to stay safe.

  • Always use gloves, a goggle, and a mask whenever you meet a TB patient in the hospital.
  • The doctors keep TB patients in their rooms to avoid infection. So, avoid visiting TB wards without the doctor or hospital staff.
  • TB virus can spread through small droplets of the sneeze. You should always use a mask while visiting public places, traveling through public transport, and also when you are in the hospital.
  • You must follow a healthy diet plan in which you should daily consume Vitamin A, E, C, and protein-rich ingredients. Restrict the consumption of nicotine and alcoholic beverages. That’s how you can live a healthy life and avoid TB infection.

Tuberculosis can cause death if not diagnosed and cured on time. It is still one of the deadliest diseases and therefore you should not take it lightly. Make people aware of TB, follow the precautions, and meet the surgeon if you experience the TB symptoms.

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