Do You Know These 15 Things That You Will Repent In 15 Years From Now!

Published on: 21/04/18 5:01 PM

Don’t Lis Happen To You Pal !

If you have been doing these fifteen things its time to pause and rewind. As continuing with these 15 things won’t lead you anywhere and will kill the hunger of learning in you forever. Ponder to these fifteen things carefully, so that you can change yourself for good. Else you will regret learning the lessons that nature tries to teach you.

1-Being At One Place For Too Long

Not Exploring - Things that you would regretSource

Don’t be in one city for too long. If you wish to grow- Just go out of your comfort zone and take the pains to risk it solely in a new city. Travel as much as you want as travel comes along with some life lessons.

2-Staying Too Long In A Company

Regret being too loyal to a company

Staying for more than a year in a job that doesn’t respect or value you is like disrespecting yourself. Don’t stay in a company that posses work ethics that are not in sync with that of you. Learning in a job include -work ethics and treating people. But once you’ve learned everything you can leave. Be brave to take the chance as it’s very easy to find yourself in the uncomfortable zone.

3-Not Taking Care Of Yourself

Not Looking After Oneself

Dear girls, we know how much you love makeup but seriously girl you need to take care. Applying too much makeup and using many products on the skin will only damage your skin. Intelligent girls don’t compromise with their bodyor skin, to ensure they embracing a healthy body long.

4-Letting Life Be A Smoke

Regret Smoking

Quit the harmful habit because at the age of 4o you will regret taking up this habit. So, give it up now. Because it’s controlling your life and turning your body into ashes with the passage of time. The cigarette is your remote that decide your life goals so stop it right away if you actually want to achieve something and be something in life despite being a chain smoker.

5-Staying In Unfaithful Relationship For Too Long


No matter how much it hurts to take that decision for yourself. Don’t be stuck in a relationship that is heading towards nowhere. Stop wasting time with a wrong guy, take signs and spend some time with yourself despite blocking yourself for the wrong person. As the right person can only enter your life when you close the door tight to never turn back to the past you once had.

6-Not Attending Live Concert


Not attending a live music festival or a concert is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Some people might scare you saying people jump on your feet in so much crowd but that’s so not true. If you are a music lover go for it at least once in your life. Do experience the live concert of your favorite artist once else you will regret it bad later.

7-Avoiding Exercise

Avoiding Physical Exercise

By not exercising you are ultimately preparing your body for bacteria to grow on you by severing them the space to let disease penetrate in your body, by being inactive. Introduce exercise into your daily routine to lead a healthier and happier life.

8-Holding Grudges


If you hold grudges about someone in your heart there are fair chances you will lose your peace of mind. Let it go, don’t make your heart heavy with the pain someone gave you with their brutal words. People say mean words intentionally to hurt you so don’t let them win by taking those taunts or criticism straight to your heart.

9-Not Constructing Bridges

Not Building Bridges career wise

If you choose to be different and believe in breaking stereotypes you have to construct your own bridge. As already constructed roads will lead you to the existing trend of society and won’t make you survive with your uniqueness. So if you have an idea blooming in your head go for it. As nothing can bet the joy you get from being your own boss.

10-Not Capturing Pictures

Regret Not Capturing Moments


The worst thing you can do to yourself is to not capture moments when you travel. As events pass but memories stay in heart forever. So live the moment but don’t forget to capture it as those moments will make you recall the life you had when you’ll flip pages of your life as an old person.

11-Dragging A Friendship That Has Run Its Course

Keeping Friends for benefit

If you dare to drag a friendship that has run its course you will tend to lose the bond forever. So let it go as it served the purpose of your life.

12-Avoiding Being Social

Not being social

It sounds great to shut people out of our life sometimes and be in our cozy zone. But you will repent it later when you will be looking for someone to be there and as a result of not being social, you will not have anyone around to open up your thoughts and you will end up losing yourself to a shell.

13-Being Rigid


Learn to bend down and understand some things don’t go as per your comfort zone. Stop being rigid and open your arms for the change. Jumping out of comfort zone is difficult but the one who risks it can only fix it. As risk takers make things work the way the world wants but with their set of norms that aim change for good.

14-Aiming Others Intentionally

Intentionally targeting others - You will regret doing this

If you aim to point fingers at others you will not only hurt sentiments of others but will lose real people in your life. So learn to stay on your toes and don’t hurt others because of your personal grudges, ego or insecurity. You can aim them today but ones you cross them there is no coming back that person will exit your life and bless you with the mess you always deserved. So stop pointing others just because you can’t be where they are today as it only shows their confidence reminds you of your own insecurities.

15-Believing Your Knowledge Deserve Acceptability

To much overconfidence in once knowledge

People who come from the same walk of life can understand the complexities they face in that domain. But a person is unaware of your domain can barely step into your shoes. So, never regret making people aware of the challenges you face from the domain you belong. It’s easy to judge others and their path but its extremely difficult to wear their shoes and understand life from their side. So learn to classify the difference between general awareness and knowledge about life. Because real knowledge is about dealing real like situations and not bookish knowledge about the world and people around the globe. If you try to rule others brain with your bag of knowledge, unfortunately, you will regret doing it later.