“Do You Know” These Interesting Facts By Google That Will Make You Read And Ponder Upon

Published on: 22/02/18 11:32 AM

Do You Know These Answers Already????

Here are some interesting facts answered by Google that will make you ponder and find reasons behind some existing facts. Here we have the list of questions that are important to be answered to solve our puzzle of life. Let’s scroll through some questions that are worth knowing about.

  1. Do you know the reason behind the color code of food joints?
    Google Facts - Restaurant Menu Color Code - Interesting Facts By Google
    Fact: The reason behind the use of yellow, red, orange as menu color or as the background of menu card is because it stimulates hunger and makes you order food.

  2. Do Women Admire Humor in Men?
    Google Facts - Men Humor Womens Take - Interesting Facts By Google
    Fact: Women are more attracted to someone with the ability to make them laugh. Laughter strengthens relationships.

  3. Do you know what happens when you die?
    Google Facts - Dying Final Minutes - Interesting Facts By Google
    Fact: When a person dies, he has 7 minutes of brain activity left. It’s the mind playing back the person’s memories in a dream sequence.

  4. Do You Know you can Guess a liar?
    Google Facts - About Liar - Interesting Facts By Google
    Fact: A person usually makes a lot of hand gestures when telling a true story. When telling a lie a person’s hands will stay noticeably still.
  5. Do You Know the reality behind Pinky Promise?
    Google Facts - Pinky Promise - Interesting Facts By Google

    Fact: The “Pinky Promise” originally indicated that the person who breaks the promise must cut off her pinky finger.
  6. Do You Know why Girls Are Better Scorers As compared to boys?
    Google Facts - Girls Better than Boys - Interesting Facts By Google

    Fact: Girls learn to talk and read quicker than boys and use more complex vocabulary.
  7. Do you know how to play ads free game on your phone?
    Google Facts - Play Ads Free Games - Interesting Facts By Google
    Tip: If you put your phone in airplane mode you can enjoy playing the game without ads.
  8. Do you know your sleeping side that can quickly help you doze off?
    Google Facts - Sleeping Sides - Interesting Facts By Google
    Fact: If you sleep on the right side you will fall asleep as fast as a fresh smell rather than sleeping on left side.
  9. Do you know your first movie date goes as per the movie genre you choose?
    Google Facts - First Movie Date - Interesting Facts By Google
    Fact: If you opt for going on the first date for a romantic movie there might be instances you will feel uncomfortable sitting with the one you love. So for a first date choose a horror movie to build a strong connection with your partner.
  10. Do you know televisions volume control your mood?
    Television Volume - Interesting Facts By Google

    Fact: It’s about ninety-one percent of the population that feels uncomfortable on tunning tv volume as an odd number.

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