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Do You Know What Are The Privileges Given To A Cancer Patient

Published on: 9/02/18 1:55 AM

Privileges Given To A Cancer Patient

A cancer patient can afford these benefits and we should know about this to help such people better. Let’s scroll through some privileges that can help a cancer patient.

  1. Railway Exemption Is Given
    Railways Concession - Privileges Given To A Cancer Patient
    All Cancer patients can travel via trains at zero cost. The attendee or bystander will only pay 25% of the actual II class fare.
    The concession is applicable when traveled for medical purposes. These numbers change depending on the situation.

  2. ATC Is Allowed
    Airways Concession - Privileges Given To A Cancer Patient
    This concession is available to residents of India- suffering from cancer and are traveling for medical treatment or check-up.
    The cancer patient has to pay 50% of basic fare of the economy class as ATC- air travel concession.

  3. Cancer Patient Fund
    Cancer Patient Funds in India
    A corpus fund of over ₹100 crores is set apart Ministry of Health for cancer patients living (BPL) below the poverty line.
    People having an income less than ₹27,000 p.a. belongs to the BPL category.

  4. Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi
    Privileges Given To A Cancer Patient
    A person suffering from this can also avail one-time grant up to ₹5,00,000 (in case of emergency) basis seriousness of the medical health.

  5. Central Government Health Scheme
    Central Goverment Health Schemes for cancer patients in India
    This scheme is for retired central government employees and dependents, for treatment at approved rates from any hospital.

  6. Cancer Suraksha Scheme
    SBI Life Scheme for Cancer Patients India
    For children below 18 years old, Kerala Government has a scheme that offers free cancer treatment.

  7. Aarogyasri Scheme
    Telagana Govt Cancer Patients Health Scheme
    This scheme is introduced to provide financing to families living below poverty line. The benefit of this scheme is only available in Telangana. Monetary aid to ₹2,00,000 in one year.

  8. Income Tax Relief
    Income Tax Relief for Cancer Patients
    The government provides Income Tax Relief to patients suffering from cancer under Section 80DDB.

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