Do You Know What Are Those Friendly Work Out Tricks To Shape Your Body Daily..!!

Published on: 22/06/18 8:19 AM

Lets Work Out…

A healthy mind recites in a healthy body. So to embrace a healthy body its necessary to work out daily. Just like we eat, breath and excrete. Because its necessary to work out like the task we perform daily- bathing, brushing and dressing. Don’t ignore your health and start working out with these habits.

Stomach Crunches


At least do 20-25 crunches in a day. Perform the Inhale, exhale when you do crunches before leaving the bed. And do it as soon as you get up as excise is best done empty stomach.



Go running for about 15 minutes to open your frozen joints. This will also strengthen your body to open door to new thoughts. And you can make it more interesting by including music in your run.

Stretching Excercise


A person who knows the benefit of stretching their body will never refuse to stretch their body and take some pains. Its helpful in boosting your energy level and toning your body.



Skipping is equivalent to jumping as the sources speak. Doing this will help you lighten your mood and burn extra cholesterol from your body.  And will help in regulating your blood circulation too.



Walk when you talk is good but when it’s about your health include more walk in your life to raise a healthy body.


stay in shape - start swimming

Swimming is loved my some and is a good way of shedding some pounds of fat and regain a beautiful healthy body.  It gives you good posture, stamina, as well as toned body.

Wall Push Ups

Weight loss work out tip - push ups

Hey gorgeous, you have always wanted to wear those cold shoulder and strapless dresses but you couldnt waer it do to chubby arms. So its time you give yourself sometime to tone your arms with the wall. All you have to do is to perform push-ups against the wall to see noticable changes in your appearance.

Air Cycling

Best Work out for abs

Air cycling is like peddling a bicycle to have toned thighs while laying in your bed. It not only gives you stamina by stretching and paddling in the air but also strengthens your leg as well as abdomen muscles.


stay fit - meditate everyday - fitness tips

One of the easiest workouts is meditation and if you practice it as soon as you get up you’ll spread positivity. It helps in keeping the body fresh and relaxed. Inculcate a habit of drinking more water and shed sweat in summer with these tricks.

Stairs Not Escalators

take the stairs - simple workout tricks

Cheat on escalators and say hi..!! to healthy steps.  The more you climb the more you burn calories as well as hip fat. And helps you reducing extra fat that helps in maintaining blood cholesterol levels.

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