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Dominican Tree House Village- Take A Leap Into “Best Kept Secret” Jungle

Published on: 20/12/18 10:47 AM

Dominican Tree House Village

Have you ever imagined of living a life like a Tarzan hanging and swinging all across the jungle? Dreams come true!! If you want to experience jungle vibes and beautiful nature, then you should definitely visit The Tree House Village which is nestled deep in the heart of the Samana Peninsula. It is a natural treasure far from your typical hotel resort. And you can actually zip line to get there.

Samana Peninsula - Secret Jungle Village

Here, the Tree House Cabins are spread across a beautiful valley that is safely tucked away in the heart of the tropical Caribbean jungle in Samana Peninsula . The cabins are connected by various rope bridges.

Dominican Tree House Village

You can even dive into your own private waterfall where an epic rope swing will drop you from breathtaking heights. Not to mention, you’ll be surrounded by stunning remote beaches where you can take a snorkeling tour around the island.

While soaking in the comforts of the perfect vacation, you can enjoy the local cuisine and culture also.

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