Do’s And Don’ts of Dating a Modern Indian Woman

Published on: 3/04/20 10:10 AM

Dating a Modern Indian Woman

Grow up men! You aren’t living in the 90s anymore. Times have changed. Women have changed. Dating has changed.

Women now pretty much are at the same level as men and govern the rules equally in every sphere. So try not to make the same mistakes of the past in the 20s too.

Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts of dating a modern Indian woman


  1. Ask her of her dating preferencesDating Preferences -Dating Indian Woman

Indian men think they can tell by appearance whether a girl is interested in casual dating or is a serious relationship kinda person.

Trust us. You can never tell.

The best thing is ask her upfront. Get it over with. She will respect your forthrightness.

Absolutely do not just assume anything. That will be the biggest mistake of your life.

  1. Be and make others, respectful towards her.Couple Respect - Dating Indian Woman-Traditional vs Modern Dating

Your Girlfriend comes up to you and tells you that someone close to you, say your best friend, is being disrespectful with her or dismissing her.

You tell her, “Avoid that guy!”

Does this sound familiar?

This is the biggest turn off for a woman. Usually she can kick anyone’s butt, but since that guy is someone close to you, she decided the right thing to do was tell you about it. The least you can do is apologize on behalf of your friend.

The most you can do is confront your friend about it.

But never ever say “Ignore Him.” If she is really a liberal, modern woman, she will leave you for sure.

  1. Listen to her, if she insists on going Dutch.

Who should pay on date - Dating Tips For Men- Dating Indian Woman


Guys think that paying in full for both their meals is an act of chivalry. Let me tell you something…

Offering to pay in full for both of your meals is an act of chivalry. Forcing her to remove her wallet out of your sight is just chauvinistic.

Why shouldn’t a woman pay for the meal she has had? Even if you are her serious boyfriend, she understands that even if you are in a fiscally tight position you will try to pay for her.

The decent thing to do is insisting hard, but if she doesn’t back down, just give up and let her pay half.


  1. Do not try to be a fighter in the face of lewd behavior

In case you see another Romeo eve-teasing her or being disrespectful, do not turn into the Hulk. If you think she will love it, she won’t. If you think she will get turned on, she won’t.

Don’t try to be a macho, hot-head bad boy when you see a guy eve teasing her. Try to keep your calm and don’t brawl fights. You will only end up making a huge ruckus, if not losing your girl already.

  1. Don’t force your sexual desires on her.

Never force your sexual desires - Do's & Don'ts-What Women Want

Well, this goes beyond the territories of modernity. Except in cases of spontaneity or role-playing, never force your sexual desires on your girlfriend. Give her the space to be naturally turned on.

Women’s sexual trigger is quite complicated. Unlike men, she just cat get turned on out of nowhere. Her desires are also delicate. You need to handle them carefully.

Do not ruin things by forcing anything. Let it happen on its own accord.

  1. Don’t hide her from friends and family

One of the biggest turn-offs for a woman is when she sees that a guy she is dating doesn’t seem to want to let her meet his family or friends.

Even if you are casually dating, don’t be sneaky like that. We aren’t saying that introduce her as your girlfriend or anything, but at least introduce her as a friend. That’s the least you can do.

Do not try to shove her out of the way when you see someone you know walk by.

You are definitely going to shove her out of your life.

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