Emotional Turbulence That A Women Face When She Is PMSing !

Published on: 30/04/18 11:31 AM

Dear Men, Pardon Her For The Emotional Turbulence She Encounters

Every girl is handy but she becomes complicated when she is going through the storm of PMS. Her emotional turbulence goes unhandy when she is PMSing. Dear man, when she is PMSing let her give you a corny reaction and let her breath in her own skin.

1- Chocolate Becomes Her First Love


She loves chocolates the most, as it becomes her best friend when she is on her PMS. Let her face PMSing turbulence of emotions. Only a chocolate can fuel her dynamic mood swings.

2- She Should Be Allowed With Mood Swing


Dear men, she faces adverse mood swings when she is down with her PMS. As, she undergoes emotional turbulence and should be allowed to irritate, argue, stay quiet and even scold you at times.

3- Let Her Have Something Warm


Girls face stomach cramps during her periods, as a result, she wishes to have something warm. Be it a cup of tea or coffee or even a hot water bag that can relieve your stomach pain.

4- Permit Her To Scream Out

[boombox_gif_video mp4=”https://buzzhawker.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/5ac3520932d74_Scream.mp4″ gif=”https://buzzhawker.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Scream.gif” jpg=”https://buzzhawker.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/5ac3520932d74_Scream.jpg”]Source

Girls feel like shouting or even screaming out when they are going through her painful journey of PMS. She might sound crazy but let her deal with her fluctuating mood swings.

5- Let Her Take Leave When She Needs


She needs to rest dear pal. Allow her to disconnect, let her sleep like a lazy bird with her pillow wrapped around her stomach. Its high time when companies should pass a rule that allows her to take leave when her body and hormones go around messing up things for her.

6- Allow Her To Be Alone Laying In Bed


Girls hate socializing when they bleed so let her embrace her lone time. She needs time for herself so let her embrace staying alone. She loves laying down on her bed and embracing life in slow motion. Girls feel like hugging their pillow tight when she is down in pain.

7- She Feels Bloated


Feeling bloated is common for a girl that is down with her PMS. Feeling bloated is an abnormal gas swelling that increases the diameter of the abdominal area. Girls feel tight on the abdomen part, that causes her abdominal pain. Dear men let her deal with a bloated feeling.

8- She Becomes A Drama Queen


She might seem bad with her mood swings, despite her crankiness you will still find a reason to adore your girl if you know her heart more than her face. As she gets high on drama when she is PMSing but that doesn’t add up to her reality.

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