Ever Wondered Where Is India’s Most Popular Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh. The Reality Will Shock You

Published on: 14/10/17 4:20 PM

Get well soon Yo-Yo !


Hirdesh Singh a.k.a Honey Singh popularly known as Yo Yo Honey Singh is one of the best rappers, Indian Music Industry has ever got. With his awesome singing talent, tremendous hard work and rocking performance, he has proved that he is certainly the best of all the other rappers of the Nation. His both creations whether it is desi beat or angrezi, has made the whole nation to shake their legs on the dance floor. 


Apart from his singing talent, he is also well known for his amazing hairstyle and dressing sense. The popularity of his hairstyle was so much that many teenagers follow him blindly. The height of his stardom is such that even small children are well familiar with his name. Presently he is followed by more than 40 million followers on Facebook and 4 million followers on Twitter. 

Apart from his stardom and fan following on social media, the rapper is seen missing from the music world from past few years. He has not composed a single album nor has sung a single song from last two years. Now the question arises in our mind that where he is now? and why he is been missing from the big screen? Today buzzhawker.com will unveil the truth behind the missing star rapper.

The rumours behind the missing star.


We are all fond of his music. Every occasion whether it is big or small, marriage or birthday, it is felt incomplete without his music. This made his demand in the music industry to an extreme high level. Inspite of such a high demand, the star rapper is seen missing from past two years. There were rumours about him that he was kept in a Rehab due to drug overdose. Some use to say that he had a rage with King Of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan and King Khan slapped him. But in an interview, Honey Singh himself confesses that he was suffering from mental disorder and was addicted to alcohol.

What actually happened to him?


According to the reports, Honey Singh is suffering from the disease known as Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder also known as manic depression is a mental disorder that causes depression as well as elevated mood. The person suffering from this disease keeps himself or herself away from each and everything and often wants to spend his life in isolation. The same is in the case of Honey Singh. According to the doctors, the impact of the disease is so hard that the person who one's use to perform in front of crores of people and that too confidently is now afraid to talk to even 4-5 people. 

How's he now?


As told by doctors that Honey Singh was suffering from mental disorder known as Bipolar disorder from past two years and now is in a much better condition. As reported by Times Of India, Honey Singh was recently seen in an award show, Zee cine Awards. On replying to a reporter's comment, the musician said that  "Kisi ke saath jhagda nahi hua. Main rest kar raha tha, chill kar raha tha, body bana raha tha." Source

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