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The Evolution OF Technologies In 2018 That Will Change The World Forever !

Published on: 15/04/18 6:38 PM

Evolution OF Technologies -new computer technology 2018

Students, tech experts, and scientists across the globe are working on some sort of projects that can have profound effects on our lives. Every tech genius tried resolving the existing issues with the technology and offered something exceptional. Sooner or later, their efforts reward them with an extraordinary solution. Probably that’s why recently we have got virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, some other such amazing technologies. You might be getting excited to know what scientists and tech experts evolved this year. You won’t believe those amazing techniques that were under development. Let’s take a glimpse of these technologies.

Artificial Human Embryos

The Embryologists, who were trying to demonstrate how the life can be created, have successfully grown precisely real-looking mouse embryos in their lab at the University of Cambridge, UK. They did not use sperm and egg to create the mouse embryos. They used stem cells from another embryo to produce other artificial mouse embryos. Magdelena Zernicka-Goetz is leading this team of embryologists at the Cambridge University. She expresses that the stem cells are magical and capable of doing wonders. However, her team had no idea that the stem cells can self-organize in such a beautiful and perfect manner. Zernicka-Goetz also believed that soon her team will find a method through which the mammals can take develop and take birth without eggs. The next step in this research would be creating artificial human embryos without egg and sperm.

Artificial Intelligence

Evolution OF Technologies - Upcoming Technology 2018-Artificial Intelligence


You may have seen many Sci-Fi Hollywood movies in which the AI operated products make many tough jobs easier for the lead character. People often wonder that what if such technology would be available for use in the future. Well, the time has come now because AI will not manifest only through machine learning algorithms any more. The modern tech experts are finding the ways of implementing AI with many other apps. For example, e-retail carts have started tracking customer behaviors to offer what they are planning to buy. Similarly, other applications and platforms are also trying to find the ways of using AI for their specific needs. The cloud AI and other variants of this technology will revolutionize our world. It can make many tough jobs easier for the industrialists, businesses organizations, and also for the common people.

3-D Metal Printing

3-D printing technology has been around for many decades, but now it is offering some amazing features. It’s more in the domain of hobby as its affordable to print 3-D metal objects. You won’t believe that the researchers are using this technology to produce human organs. As experts around the globe are using designs to produce weapons, recreational objects, and buildings too. The Chinese experts have also printed 10 whole houses using the 3-D printing technology. So, it seems quite magical that how the 3-D printers will be used to produce some major objects in the future.

Overload of Data

10 strategic technology trends-3D Metal Printing-Artificial Intelligence


Digital platforms like chatting apps, social networking sites, file sharing platforms, and other online platforms are receiving a huge data from around the world. It was quite tough to analyze this data and understand how to use it in marketing and improving services It is estimated that the tech experts and marketing people will develop some way through which they can use Big Data to analyze customers behavior. You will get more personalized ads, services, and support from online platforms but your privacy can be at risk too.

Centralized Digital Control

The tech experts researched new technologies and implemented them to produce something unique like Smartphones, Tabs, Smart TVs, and many other smart devices and gadgets. All of these devices have become essential for our day-to-day life. However, now it is essential to get a device that can offer the complete control of every digital device we own. Many renowned electronic companies are trying to develop such a device. The task is in progress and you will soon get an app or a device that will work as a centralized digital controller.


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