Fascinating Differences Between Lifestyle of Indians and Americans

Published on: 14/05/18 6:32 PM

The United States of America is the most powerful nation in the world. There are world’s leading business organizations, entertainment industries, and numerous amusement parks. All these tempt the Indians. They wish to live like the Americans, but India is not a bad country to live the life. Continue reading if you want to reveal why.

The celebrations never end here


The celebration is an integral part of Indian culture. All the different communities in India celebrate different festivals. The celebrations start before the festivals and last for several days. Even though if it is not a major festival, there will be an official holiday. The Indian employees enjoy so many leaves every year, but the Americans certainly not. That’s why they find it exciting to live a delightful life in India.

The Indian treasure relations


The way Indians live their life is awesome. Most of the marriages in India are arranged marriages. Parent find the bride for their son and then decide when the couple will get married. If you are wondering two strangers cannot manage to live together forever, you are wrong. Divorce is quite a rare incident here. Couples argue, fight, and suffer, but never call it quits.

The Indians don’t rely on prescriptions


The latest data shows that more than 70% Americans take prescription drugs every day. You can further divide it, as around 30% of all the Americans take 2-3 prescription drugs and around 20% Americans take 5+ prescription drugs. The people in America are getting addicted to such drugs. It is a big issue which is still not addressed.

There is no such issue in India. The Indians believe in living a drug-free life. They take a medicine only when they feel sick. The pharmaceutical companies are trying to convince the audience about the benefits of prescription drugs, but they are failed to grab the attention of the target audience. A very large number of Indians are now moving towards organic cures and Yoga to cure the problems and live a happy life.

Spicy and delicious Indian cuisines


The Indian cuisines are simply the best in the world. Whether you like sweet or something spicy, whether you like vegan or non-vegetarian, there are a lot of options in the Indian cuisines to choose from. Your stomach will get full but the greed will never end. The Indians cook and have a bit spicy cuisines which are healthy too.

Many Americans rely on food outlets and fast-food restaurants to have their meals. It does not apply to every American, but many eat unhealthy meals. Many of them even don’t know how many delicious spices are available to improve the taste of meals. India is the leading supplier of the spices in the world and therefore every cuisine and every meal is special here.

The business opportunities in India


The leading industrialists in America consider India as a beneficial market. They see many great ways of making a profit here, but the lack of understanding regarding the Indian customers keeps them away from India. Many Indian startups are performing great and some of them are now also competing against the global companies. It is just the beginning because now many Indians have the access to the internet. Therefore, many new startups can flourish here with exceptional ideas.

The young and energetic Indians always dream about finding a job in a US-based firm to live an exciting life. You will certainly miss all the explained things if you choose to migrate.

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