Fascinating Meditation Hacks That Work Like A Magic Spell !!

Published on: 10/03/18 11:31 AM

Meditation Hacks That Actually Relax !!

Hacks that actually work like a magic wand and can give you a peaceful mood. So relax and get out of your bad mood as there are hacks to fix your soul.

  1. Leaf – Let Me Fall For You

    Meditation Life Benefits - 5 Hacks

    The falling of leaf makes you embrace the beauty you carry. So embrace the version of you and let your older version leave your soul and open arms to change you need to adapt to grow in life.

  2. Snowfall – Sit Next To Me

    5 Hacks for Mediations Home

    Observe the falling snowflakes they drift your mood from bad to good. Snowfall helps in releasing pressure and calming your senses.

  3. Candle – Let Me Flicker, To Fix You

    Advantages of Meditations

    To put your senses back to track practice focusing on a candle placed at your sight level of about two meters. Let your mind break free the shackles of trouble.

  4. Petals – Pay Attention To Me

    5 ways to mediate at home

    By paying close attention to details of the petal in a clockwise and anticlockwise manner we can feel peaceful. As our brain will get out from the obstruction that is not letting it calm down. The flower has a soothing fragrance that can calm your senses and make you feel peaceful.

  5. Clouds – In Love With The Shape of You

    Meditation Tips

    When you release stress in the form of imagination. Use your imagination power to set yourself free from the troubles that surround you.

  6. Stars – Gaze A Smile Beautiful

    Meditation Benefits - Life Hacks

    Gazing stars is a form of stress buster as it helps you forget the pain for a while and open doors for answers to questions that hold you back. When you feel stressed go out and spend some time with nature at least 10-15 minutes it will help you fetch some joy.

  7. Raindrop – Let Me Calm Your Senses

    Stress and Anxiety Meditation Tips for Health Benefits

    Raindrops can soften your mood and make you feel less of pain by crying with you for the pain you carry in your heart. Raindrops make a circle when they hit the surface of the ground and this natural sight calms you down.

  8. Animal – Let Me Love You

    Animals - Best Way to be Stress free

    Spending time with your pets can change your mood like a magic wand. Pets have a tendency to cheer humans they can refresh you with their cuteness and make you smile with their stupidity.

  9. Pen – Write Your Emotions Out

    Write Down Emotions - To Cool Off Mind - Meditation Tips

    Pen down the list of items that are on your “purchase list” to ease yourself enough to not stress about these matters at least.

  10. Gratitude – Your Sincerely

    Gratitude - Helping Meditation Hacks

    Inculcate a habit of being grateful and thank them often. Being gracious to others not only make you happy but it also helps you grow as an individual.

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