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FAT Was Once A Status Symbol Until We Adopted With BODY SHAMING

Published on: 9/02/18 3:15 PM

 Things That Lead To Tagging Of FAT People As BAD

Being fat in ancient time was supposed to be a Status Symbol. Due to movies mentality of people have changed drastically leading to adverse impact on people who are overweight. But in today scenario, people have started to point fat people as bad. Movies stopped having fat actress, as a result, everyone chased to be zero figure. So they stopped putting on weight and started to hit gyms to shed that body fat and blindly follow the trend of zero figures and eight-pack abs. Reasons that lead to this global shift in health-

  1. Criticising YourselfReasons of Body Shaming - FAT Was Once A Status SymbolSource
    Being thin has now become a status symbol.People who are fat started to criticise themselves for not being an ideal figure body. The main reason for this is the impact of movies on us and lack of self-recognition.
  2. Criticising OthersFAT Was Once A Status Symbol - Reasons of Current Body Shaming
    People who treated themselves to be perfect zero figures started to question the fatty ones and hurt them with bullies so much that they lost self-worth.
  3. Criticising Others Behind Their Back
    Ignore Behind the Back Body Shaming - FAT Was Once A Status Symbol
    Criticising others behind their back has now become a fashion. As most of us have been into that place where something smells being cooked behind our back? Most people have made fat people feel less of them by pointing them out in public or at their face as well.
  4. Pointing Others To Stop Them Growth
    Pin Pointing Body Shaming - FAT Was Once A Status Symbol
    People have started to make the fat ones less of themselves by pointing their extra fat over the knowledge they possess.
  5. Copying Others Blindly
    Copying Others Reason of Body Shaming - FAT Was Once A Status Symbol
    Blindly Copying others footstep is not worth it. If you actually want to look beautiful treat yourself beautiful. Beauty is not measured in pounds of weight you possess rather it’s about-“being comfortable in one’s own skin”. Beauty comes in various shapes as beauty lies in eyes, NOT in shape.



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