Feeling Blue- It’s Time To Deal With Your Mighty Emotions Too..!!

Published on: 10/05/18 10:08 AM

Do You Know Negative Forces Drive Too ??

Feeling sad?? Just relax and know that its okay to feel sad sometimes. Are positive emotions not hitting you?? Don’t worry we have a good news for you. Do you know that negative emotions also drives you for good? Stop feeling blue and screw the pain you are going through.

  1. Depression


    When self-doubt enters your head leaving no room for confidence about oneself we tend to crawl deeper in the blanket of depression. It’s a feeling where you feel dejected from the world and it happens when you lose your loved one. It’s a mood disorder where you lose your smile and stop enjoying life. Lacking the motivation to deal with problems in your life is depression. Best way to deal with depression is to stop going to places and memories that hurt. Depression motivates you to get over the painful memory that has kept you in shackles because of which you are unable to find your smile again.

  2. Fear


    Fear of losing people you love makes you more empathetic and kind towards others. A person who has feared something in life can only grow through from what they go through.

  3. Anger


    A strong feeling of annoyance that doesn’t let you calm down with your existing situation. If we can find the reason that triggers anger in us it can help us tame those words or instances to not react aggressively to an unfavorable situation.

  4. Guilty


    Feeling guilty can make you more responsible for dealing with it and respecting relations. As it gives you an insight into yourself that helps you know that you care. Guilt helps each other to control each other by letting them know you care.

  5. Sadness


    When you are inclined to the pain you tend to go more human on understanding that its life. Without a low, you can never aim for heights. Sadness motivates you to be more understanding of others sorrow and not showcase a behavior you would never expect others to do to you.

  6. Jealousy


    Jealousy is a threat of losing someone which pops up in the head as a result of insecurity, fear, not being good enough, or lacking something that is possessed by someone which is of great personal value. The jealous feeling makes us aware of our personality and traits that we lack in personality. So instead of sulking and gossiping about others success story prove your worth by doing something. As actions speak louder than words.

  7. Insecurity


    When a person lacks the confidence to present themselves they tend to feel threatened by someone who is confident. As such people remind others of their insecurities. You are less courageous than the confident ones. As a confident person says it all without fearing judgment while an insecure person is a “yes men” who has no opinion of their own. It gives you a chance to improve yourself.

  8. Self Doubt


    Self-doubt is like a traitor that stops us from executing tasks fearing failure. A small dose of self-doubt is good to keep yourself on toes but an overdose can kill the confidence in us. So don’t indulge in much self-pity as you will lose your self.

  9. Regret


    A feeling of regret comes live when we commit an act that was not expected out of us and that made us feel shameful, hurtful or violent on yourself. It teaches us to keep yourself firm on the ground with the thoughts we practice and never bend the same for anyone.

  10. Frustration


    It’s a feeling of being upset or annoyed over something you can’t change. Frustrations build up when you fail to achieve or change something you always wanted to do. Frustration is a driving force behind motivation as it pushes you to wake up from dreams and work to make it happen. So, wake up and make it happen into a beautiful reality.

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