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Do You Know These Countries Across The Globe Where Holi Is Celebrated With Pomp And Show??

Published on: 2/03/18 6:34 PM

What Lies Behind The Celebration Of Holi?

The festival of Holi is celebrated to fill life with colors and to embark the victory of good over evil. According to the Hindu mythology, the Demon king- Hiranyakashipu was blessed with immortality. When his immortality turned into evil, he killed everyone who disobeyed him. He then decided to kill his son, Prahlad who worshiped Goddess Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu asked his sister Holika to help him kill Prahlad. So she took Prahlad to the bonfire and made him sat on her lap. But unfortunately, their plan backfired as Prahlad was reciting lord Vishnu which saved him and killed Holika. As a result, Prahlad was protected but Holika got burnt to death. Lord Vishnu then appeared to kill Hiranyakashipu by sidestepping his five powers. Vishu took the form of Narasimha, who was half-human and half-lion. He met Hirankashyap on a doorstep, which is neither indoors nor outdoors and he appeared at dusk, which is neither daylight nor dusk. Then he placed him on lap, which is neither land, water nor air, then attacked him with his lion claws, which are neither projectile nor handheld weapons. Where Hiranyakashipu and Holika represent evil, Vishnu and Prahlad represents good. The story concludes the victory of good over evil which embarked this celebration.

List Of Countries Popular For Colors..!!

1. Festival Of Colours In India

Festivals of Colors India Source

The ‘Festival of Colors’ will be held on 1st March. It’s more like a music and color festival complementing dance to make it more vibrant. This festival has a peaceful and tranquil demeanor. It promises good vibes, great music and incredible time spent with loved ones.

2. Water Fight In Thailand

Water Fight Thailand- Holi Around the worldSource

With the arrival of Thailand’s New Year on 13th April, it welcomes you to the world’s biggest water fight popularly known as “Songkran”. The people of Thailand indulge in water fight by approaching each other with water balloons. This festival is held between April 13 and April 15, envisaging the concept of cleansing with water to purify and renew life.

3. Colour Music Festival In Texas

Texas Colour Music Festival - Different Versions of Holi Celebrations around WorldSource

Colour Jam is a colorful music festival that was held in Texas in 2015. The festival is featured with a live music concert, color throws games and color fights.

4. Mumbai Color Festival  In Netherlands

Holi Celebrations Across Globe -Mumbai Color Festival Netherlands

Mumbai Color Festival’, named after our very own city, is an ethnic festival from the Netherlands. This too has been mentioned once before on the Sherp. Celebrating Holi for what it is, an evening of colors, life, music and happiness, this festival colors the streets in August.

5. Holi One” Color Festival In Cape Town, London, and Manchester

Holi One - Cape Town Celebrations

Holi One’ event aims at adapting vivid culture of celebrating Holi with music and colors and cherish the power of one. It occurs on the 1st of May 2015 so gear up and head towards the Cape TownThis festival is held in various cities of Europe like London, Cape town, etc.

6. Life In Colour In Florida

Different Versions of Holi Celebrations across World - Florida Life in Color

One of the biggest color festivals, ‘Life In Colour’ started out as a college festival in Florida in 2011, later progressing into a worldwide color party. The festival is now celebrated in various countries.

7. Holi Garden Festival In Ibiza

Holi Garden Festival - Different Counties Across Globe Celebrating Holi

‘Holi Garden Festival’ held annually in Ibiza, is the brightest music/ color stage there is. Propagating their agenda of joy and amiability, this festival is as happy as it gets. No rules, no boundaries, no rivalries, no VIPs, no judgment… only love, music and colored powder! Come play with us and experience the brightest festival in Ibiza! Experience the real Ibiza!

8. Holi Festival Of Colors In Johannesburg

Holi Colours South Africa - Holi Celebration Across Globe

Holi Festival of Colors’ is an international color fest spread across 40 cities and 16 countries. This festival hits Johannesburg this year on the 11th of April so stay tuned for more deets.

9. The Colour Run in London

London Color Run - Holi Around the world

One can get a good taste of Holi in London, where ‘The Colour Run’ festival takes place. Participants run in a five-kilometer street, wearing a white shirt and as the colors are sprayed on them, they cover themselves from head to toe with every kilometer. The event takes place in the cities of London, Manchester, Glasgow, and Birmingham.

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