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Filming Without Permission? This Girl Teaches A Lesson to All Perverts!

Published on: 4/08/17 3:58 AM

The safety for Girls has always been a questionable thing in our country! Now the next thing that happened will shock you! This Girl Teaches A Lesson to All Perve

The safety for Girls has always been a questionable thing in our country! Such incidents are happening daily in our country. But it just takes one brave effort from you to stop this! If someone clicks our pictures without permission we all are bound to feel uncomfortable. If there is someone who clicks our pics intentionally, we should step up to stop it. Now the next thing that happened will shock you! This Girl Teaches A Lesson to All Perverts!

This time, an incident happened in West Bengal on 28th of July when a girl named Dista Upadhyay was traveling in Kolkata’s Howrah – Malda Intercity Express. A guy named Pintu Mondal was sitting opposite to her and somehow made it possible to click pictures of Dista from her back! The moment she realized that she was being stalked she quickly turned and snatched the phone from Pintu! But the phone got locked in a jiffy which made it impossible for Dista to unlock!

When Pintu was asked by both Dista and Her friend Sutapa to confront on why he was clicking Pictures, he simply denied and started to argue! When Pintu was asked to unlock his phone and prove his innocence, he was being reluctant to do this either! Pintu was asking for a long time as Dista was just being brave enough to confront about it and without any fear! When the situation got heated, Pintu just confronted that he was fascinated with Dista's Tattoo on her back and he decided to click a picture of it. However Dista was surely being brave as she claimed that Pintu cannot take pictures without her permission. What followed this as even more shocking!

https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013265596737Oporadhider chinhito korun! Ebong upojokto bebostha grohon korun..Ei bhodroloker naam Pintu Mondal, ini Malda Intercity Express er daily passenger ebong peshay railway er kormi.. Protidin er jatayat e enar time pass hoy lukiye nijer smartphone er camerae mohilader chobi ebong video record kore.. Aj ini dhora porlen! Ottyonto dokhyotar sathei amar comrade Ditsar chobi ar video record korchilen.. Proman soho dhora porar por prothome oswikar korlen, tarpor beer biplobir moto habbhab dekhie bollen nie cholo police er kache! Ar bollen "I'm not guilty for whatever I've done!" Karon lukiye karor permission chara tar chobi tola kono oporadh e noy..Ki bolen? Seshe counter korte bollen amar bandhobir tattoo ti onar ato bhalo legeche - je setar chobi amon ki video tulte icche hoy onar, taai aar ki!Akhon enar obosthan Howrah GRPS er jail er modhye.. Updates will be shared soon!

Satarupa Chakraborty यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, २८ जुलै, २०१७

Her Friend Sutapa was smart enough to record the whole incident on her phone and posted it to Facebook!

Just a few moments after this, the cops came up and were reluctant to take up any action! They added up with a shameless comment on the girl saying that a girl from decent family does not get involved into matters of police and court. They further said that it was merely a picture of her back and was not a big issue to make any fuss about. Dista charged up in furious actions claiming that no one is permitted in the country to click pictures of another without any permission!

After such an incident, it is really tough to decide whether it is horrible or not! However, it would take one brave heart to fight this out!