Finally Curtain Raises From 11 Interesting Facts That Men Hide From You !

Published on: 27/04/18 11:40 AM

Dear Men Don’t Go Pink, We Accept Your Truth Too..!!!

Men as kids have been active be it jumping from one couch to another or inability to stay focused except computer, video games or even outdoor games. They dislike homework and are probably the one who distracts the classroom. Men are born hyperactive species that makes them go sweaty palm sometimes. Anger sits on their nose like anything which bursts out on small occasions. They find anger as a manly quality and best reply to every situation which barely make them experience the way of handling situations peacefully. Let’s know about men which you must have noticed only if you are observant of their behavior.

  1. Nightmares Seem Like Disaster


    Boys might grow into matured adults or even matured men but the truth is they still need someone to take care. Nightmare to men is not ill health or death rather its like disaster, flood, earthquake or even war that horrifies them. For men it difficult to confront their deepest emotions. When they are stuck in emotional turmoil they behave carefree and rude especially to the person they value the most in their life. Facing their true feelings is damn difficult as its slow realization in men, unlike girls who know the truth already.

  2. A Women With Healthy Weight Seems Attractive


    Boys aim for women who either have perfect stats or have a balanced body that at least appears healthy on the outside. Women who are blessed with some extra pound is still not in a men’s list until they love you with all their heart. Men are attracted to women who carry themselves well despite their figure or weight but a boy strives for looks, figure, weight and beauty and so on with all possible materialistic list of facts.

  3. Men Keeping Thumb on Their Belt

    If a man is into you and is hiding this for a fact he will give you sight, all you need is to read the uncoded sign language. When a man is interested in a woman he unknowingly takes a body posture that speaks volume about his unspoken expression to women. If a man holds his thumbs hooked to the belt of his pant he aims to demonstrate his courage and strength. Males trying to win a female often do this gesture when he is around her.

  4. Compliments Are Loved By Men

    Men don’t express it loud unlike girls but they too love compliments. If it comes from the opposite sex they accept it with open arms. But men won’t say it but they love it the most when it comes from men itself. Researchers have proved that people accept compliments 70% of the time but say thanks only 30% in return. A man receiving a compliment from men helps in increasing their self-esteem.

  5. Common Interests Connect

    Men aim to connect for a common interest in a friendship. Either they share some common liking for games, artists or even actors.

  6. Men Eat Twice When With A Women

    Sounds strange, isn’t it? But researchers have proved that men eat more when they are having a  lunch or dinner with a woman. They eat 93% more pizza and 86% more salad when with a woman than a man. They feel it will impress his lady although it seems silly, men believe it to be true and implement it often.

  7. Men prefer Loose Over Fitted

    At an early age, men feel the need to be fashionable at all times but with growing age, their desire change. They shift from being fashionable to be more comfortable, so they end up wearing loose clothes.

  8. The lifestyle of a Man Depends on IQ

    The IQ level of a man is based on his lifestyle. According to the researchers, it’s proved that a man with lower IQ often drinks too much, while a healthy mind has a healthy lifestyle uncontrolled by any addiction that controls his life. A man who is free from such addictions is a person who can handle his storm well without needing the help of these lifetime addictions.

  9. Commitment Makes A Boy Run Like Crazy

    Boys have been moved by a foreign culture so much that they aim to live a life of king which makes them withdraw from the reality of committing someday to someone. They wish to have all the fun but hate committing to one girl as only a man could commit not a boy. Boys don’t practice the Rowdy dialogue that says- “Ek Baar Jo Maine Commitment Kar di Phir Mai Apne Aap ki Bhi ni Sunta.” Boys dream of a life filled with different girls so they go sweaty palms when it comes to committing to one single girl. They can’t love a single girl all they want is different girls around them to make them feel like a royal king. Men go handicapped when it comes to committing to one girl.

  10. Men Lie Twice Than Women

    On an average, a man lies to his colleagues, boss, or even to their partner 6 times a day while a woman does it only 3 times a day. A survey carried out by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in 2009 discover that men lie twice as that of women. When the most common lying phase is- “It’s OK or I’m fine.”
  11.  Men Stare at Women


    A man spends 43 minutes in a day looking at 10 different women that pass by and tend to remember the best they observed while staring. It amounts to 259 hours each year or almost 11 days each year. Between the ages of 18 & 50 men spend about 11 months and 11 days on just admiring girls. While women look at men only for 20 minutes a day. Between the ages of 18 & 50, she spends only 6 months on this staring activity.

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