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Floating clinic offers medical care to remote areas in Siberia

Published on: 22/05/17 5:01 PM

A mobile health clinic has set sail in remote Russia to visit communities cut off by freezing winter conditions.

The boat called Rus is a floating clinic .

The boat called Rus is a floating clinic that heads off on a journey to the inaccessible areas of northern Siberia. The medics are off to bring medical care to residents in isolated communities, who have been cut off from the world by the long harsh winter.

The project costs 200,000 dollars each year, which allows the ship to be equipped with a wide range of medicines, ultrasound and X-ray machines, and arrange labs for blood and other tests on board.

The passengers include specialists of various medical disciplines including a physician, a pediatrician, a cardiologist, a neurologist, and even a surgeon. They provide people with comprehensive diagnostic examination, and if a serious disease is detected, they send patients to hospitals in bigger towns for treatment.


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