Which Are Those Food Items That Were Launched Earlier But Were Later Discontinued In INDIA!

Published on: 9/08/18 7:54 AM

Here We Have A List of Items That Were
Later Discontinued In INDIA…

Food is LOVE… For most people and so we all have tasted these items someday in our lives. India is blessed in terms of food as we have the majority of food lovers. So let’s know what are those food items that launched but later discontinued in India.

1. Alpenliebe

How many of you agree that Alpenliebe is not less than a craving filler? I used to love this one. These chocolates are a blessing for sweet lovers although it has not completely swept from the market as its still available but in wrapper pack and not roll pack like that of polo.

2. Lays

Lays do exist in the market but this variant of lays stax is no more available in India. Although these were launched with much pomp and show it vanished from the market in no time. Before it could make a name for itself, the product was called off.

3. Kurkure Solid Masti- Twistee

Kurkure solid masti twistee were loved by people and was accepted by some. While the majority of people couldn’t decide whether it should be a favorite snack or not. So the product was discontinued in India.

4. Micky Donald

Mickey-Donald Wonders chocolate nuts were the best gift a 90’s kid could receive. As it was not less than a prized possession of a kid born in 90’s.

5. Blue Pepsi

Why was Pepsi Blue a Failure - Let us know the reasons

Blue Pepsi also has a similar taste just like a normal Pepsi. Some people tasted it while others thought it has a color similar to colin, so some gave up on the idea of even experimenting with this blue Pepsi. However, it’s not available now and is a fond memory of a 90’s kid.

6. Pan Pasand

Pan Pasand is a sweet loved by people who craved a pan flavoring thing after a good food. But what made this food item disappear from the shelves of retailers is still a puzzle. As it was able to cater to the market but its just a memory for many.

7. Sweet Cigarette

For those who never loved the real cigarettes used to love this sweet wafer chocolate filled cigarettes. But just like the aforestated items, this product is also not available.

8. Jelly Cups

These jelly belly cups were the pride of refrigerators. As these jelly taste best when they are cool. But unfortunately, it lost market and was shown the stop production banner in India. So this adds to the list of best days of a 90’s kid.

9. Rol.a.Cola

All Time Favourite Sweet of the Nineties which is discontinued - Bring Back Rola a Cola

This is the best chocolate to extract the taste of rol.a.cola that taste just like coca-cola. And is the best form of drink provided in form of chocolate.

10. Natkhat

Here comes the most loved snack that makes you go “natkhat” just like it names. But this item is no more available for consumption as its sale has stopped and so the product availability has touched negligible.

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