What Are Those Food Items Whose Intake Can Prevent Cancer?

Published on: 16/06/18 2:49 PM

Food Items That Can Help You Prevent Cancer..!!

You might have come across the word cancer somewhere in your life be it in schooling or some real-life experiences. The word “Cancer” is so powerful that it can threaten you just with its name. So without being afraid of this words, let’s know what are those food supplements that can prevent us from the danger of cancer.



Broccoli is rich in nutrient and cancer-fighting antioxidants. If a person consumes steamed broccoli even few times in a week, it will help them reduce the risk of prostate, breast, lung and skin cancers.

Citrus fruits like orange can reduce cancer-causing elements from growing by fifty percent. The fruit juice, as well as its peel, is good at fighting cancer.



Do you know why garlic can help in cancer? As it contains allicin that is known for stopping cancer cells from growing. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, it contains selenium, tryptophan and sulfur-based active agents that are good at fighting cancer.

Leafy Green

Leafy green vegetables are good for reducing the risk of colorectal cancer. As these supplements can help in fighting cancer and might reduce the percentage of risk by its consumption.


carrot reduces ovarian cancer

Carrots can reduce 54% risk of ovarian cancer just with its few times consumption in a month. It also reduces the risk of kidney cancer.


Intake of riper bananas helps in fighting cancer better. Dark spots on yellow bananas contain a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) that destroys cancerous tumors.


treating prostate cancers consume tomatoes

Tomatoes are good at treating prostate cancers, as antioxidants include Lycopene that is responsible for controlling the ‘bad’ fat level in the blood.


Nuts like almonds, brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts prevent cancer cells from growing. Intake of the can prevent you from the attack of cancer cells.


beetroot prevents cancer
Beetroots are born with cancer curing ability that makes it easy to identify from its red color. The beetroot juice is rich in- antioxidants, like betacyanin, nitrates, and folic acid.

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