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Funniest tweeting mistakes by Bollywood celebrities

Published on: 25/01/20 8:58 AM

twitter mistakes by bollywood celebrity

Sometimes celebrities say the darndest things. And that’s OK, because most of us aren’t that articulate, or sharp even. But I don’t understand how can celebrities WRITE stupid stuff? On TWITTER more so? Don’t they know that there are actual people who’ll be reading this stuff? After all, it’s not like you’re writing in your personal journal.

See, when we write about our day in the journal, we can write any shit, because we know that other people won’t read it. So it’s ok if you want to go on a mindless, incessant rant. Plus, we’re not celebrities. Each of our word isn’t over analyzed and targeted.

So, how can BOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES, whose words are especially over analyzed and targeted, and have to write hardly 45 words, PUBLICLY, can write stupid stuff like the following.

1.Bollywood celebrity twitter grammar fails

Jacky Bhagnani had misspelt the name of Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousufzai, calling her ‘Masala’! We’re too waiting for Mirchi Powder to win its long-due Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


Hah! Salman Khan tweeting this was a mistake…

3. Celebrity Twitter Grammer Fails

Kamal Rashid Khan, popularly known as KRK, a kinda-actor is known more for his stupid tweets than his roles. after this hilarious tweet, Karan Johar now has beaten Congress in the list of biggest Modi haters.

4. Bollywood Celebrity with Twitter Grammar Fails

Speaking of Karan Johar, nice to see where his mind is at.

5. Bollywood Celebrity Tweet Mistakes

Gadar actress Ameesha Patel had visited Salman Khan during the shooting of a Suraj Barjatya film back in 2015. BTW, Prem Ratan Shan Paul was a better movie than ‘Dhan Payo’. Not kidding!

6. Bollywood Celebrity Twitter Grammar Fails

We desperately wanted to in school, but Salman Khan actually did it. He chodofied grammar…

After reading these, you tell us whether or not you agree that celebrities should hire actual writers or journalists or communication specialists or 7th standard kids to proofread the stuff that they write.

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