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Funny Memes On HR That Defines How She Behave With Employees?

Published on: 19/06/18 1:40 PM

HR Presence In Office is Not Less Than Entertainment..!!

If you have lived office life to its fullest, then you can relate to these instances of the workplace. Especially related to the HR of a company. We bet you can’t stop yourself from cracking up laughing after reading this article. Let’s begin..!!

1. When Its Your BIRTHDAY At Office…

Birthday - Office HR Funny Meme

2. Statements Like- “I’ll Get Back To You” Is Not Less A Trap That Will Ultimately Keep You RESTLESS.

Job Interview Reply - Funny Hr Saying

3. See What Coming Early Means For HR?

Office Timings - Funny HR Memes

4. How Beautifully Is The Question- “How Much You Will Earn” Put To Plate and What Exactly Does It Means?

5. How HR Reacts When You Share Your Problems With Them?

Funny HR Reactions when faced with a problem

6. Asking The Date Of Performance Appraisal Is Like Asking For Share In Profits Of The Company..!!

HR Memes on Performance Appraisal

7. The Day You Decide To Leave The Company and Suddenly HR Realizes Your Value And Says Those Magical WORDS…

Leave the Company - Funny HR Memes


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