How To Make Your Special Someone Feel Special On This Valentine’s Day

Published on: 10/02/18 1:11 PM

Love Is An Art, Which Comes From The Heart

With the hit of February, we not only smell the roses but also get excited with the idea of having chocolates. Love is not just between couples it’s a day that can be well spent with friends. We have a list of things that will not only make you jump in joy but will convert your day into a special memory. So, here we have a list of things that will not only help your love to blossom without being caught and will also strengthen your bond with friends and family.

1-How To Make Her Feel Special?

Make Her Feel Special Valentine's Day
Start it by forgetting this special day and surprise her by remembering it. Get her cutely kidnapped and blindfolded from her office or her room or from her home to a place where you have planned everything- just for her. On removing her blindfold let her fall for you even more by seeing how beautifully you planned everything for her. Girls are not complicated they just want someone to accept her completely and loved for the person they are on inside. Hey, get her smile so hard that she fills your hurt someone gave you with her love, let her in- she holds the magic potion you were looking for. Don’t behave like your ex (past) with her (present), don’t give the pain you got in your past-wake up and she is here for real to heal you, just hug her and don’t let her go man. Life is not lived like a boy be a man and choose one woman for yourself just like your parents did, learn it and propose her until its too late.(Remember this song from the movie RUSTOM-
Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai, Sau baaton ki ik baat hai, Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke, Ye jaan le…) Disrespecting her won’t give you joy but will fill you with guilt that you did something your ex-did to you. Sometimes best things come when you least expect it, so embrace her presence and love her for real, not for her face, body, color but for her soul.

2-How To Make Him Feel Special?

Make Him Feel Special Valentine's Day
Men also love surprises, girls. They just don’t express it but they are more emotional than girls. Most men don’t say they love you, follow his hints and actions as they speak volume about his feelings for you. Plan it by inviting him for an outing and going to a fun-filled day if he loves adventure. Some love the peaceful aura some love discs you need to know his taste before you step in. Gift him your time, men love it. If a guy is in you he will spend his time knowing you better, so open your mouth to speak out but please don’t make him jealous by talking about other guys especially when you both are together. If he fits in your world perfectly what’s the shame in going down on your knees and being the first who confess feeling for him. (Remember this song from the movie AZHARBol do na zara dil mai jo hai chupa mai kisi se kahungi ni….)Don’t worry you won’t be tagged as desperate women at least by him. If he is romantic kind get your room decorated with dim lights and candlelight dinner by cooking him his favorite food or even dessert after a meal!! You know what men are obsessed with? Smiling, haan..!! you got me, dirty mind..!!!

3-How To Celebrate With your Friends-For Beautiful Single Girls?

Make your Friends Feel Special Valentine's Day
Hey Beautiful-its your day too, so girl just glam it up..!! Plan it out with your girl’s gang. Go out to a place where you always wanted to go- Book ola outstation and go on a trip to a place you girls wanted. Pack some best dresses for yourself to steal the show. If you wish to celebrate with your friends at your city itself get your girls home. Get your room ready with speakers, playlist ready with dance songs, gift each other something you wanted. Once your queens are home- get your nails done, dance at your favorite song, watch some movies together, play what you love, gossip as much as you want.by dressing for yourself and kill with your lipstick, and move to the most happening place of your city- and party hard. Life is uncertain make it big at every moment. (Remember this song from the movie -Cocktail- Yaara tere sadke Ishq sikha main toh aayi jag tajh ke,Ishq sikha, Main toh yaara tere sadke, Main toh aayi jag tajh ke, Ishq sikha,Jab yaar kare parwah meri,Mujhe kya parwah iss duniya ki,Jag mujhpe lagaaye pabandhi, Main hoon hi nahi iss duniya ki, Tumhi din chadhe,Tumhi din dhale, Tumhi ho bandhu,Sakha tumhi)

4-How To Celebrate With Your Friends-For Handsome Single Guys?

Make your BFFs Feel Special Valentine's DayDear men step out from the bed and stop being lazy. You don’t need to behave like a crybaby who cries over past and to overcome that become a Devdas. Don’t behave like this and enjoy your day with your friends and bhaijaan out theirs. Let the fun exist in your life- dress up smartly, and steal the show. Invite your friends to your favorite hangout place and get your car ready for the best track. If you are looking to go out on a trip get your bags well packed and keep the best outfit to kill your trip with your best outfits and attitude. If you are dance freak go to your favorite club, disc, etc. Treat yourself to the food you always wanted to have don’t just puff and drink life is given to us to explore this beautiful world. A wise investment is investing in traveling this world, agree??  (Remeber this song from the movie Yaarana(1981)-
Meri zindagi sawaari, Mujhko gale lagake, Baitha diya falak pe, Mujhe khaat se oothake, Yaara teri yaari ko, Maine to khuda mana, Yaad karegi duniya,Tera mera afsana)

5-How To Celebrate Your Day With Your Adorable Family?

Make your Family Feel Special Valentine's Day
This day is not only for couples in love but this day is more than just romance as love is about care. This love can be well expressed and seen in our families. We are the proof their love and the best part is we love them too. Don’t leave your parents behind-even if you find your perfect partner, they will always be your parents remember that. Never stop reminding you to love them..!! Love them and make them feel special by planning something just for you’re loved does. Fun increases the number of members- as some members are full loving, while some humorous, some are damn strict too, right? But this difference of personality glam up the aura with even more joy and smile. Spend quality time with your loved ones-either go for adventure sport, visit favorite food joint, discover the new place, long drive with family backed up with some songs mutually liked by all members. (Remember this song from the movie Kya Kehna-Aye Dil Laaya Hai Bahaar Apnon Ka Pyar Kya Kehna, Milein Hum Chhalak Utha Khushi Ka Khumaar Kya Kehna, Khile Khile Chehron Se Aaj Ghar Hai Mera Gule Gulzaar Kya Kehna, Khile Khile Chehron Se Aaj Ghar Hai Mera Gule Gulzaar Kya Kehna)

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