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Get Style Arrest This Season With Amazing Style Tips To Flaunt Dresses This Summer !

Published on: 29/04/18 1:50 PM

We Have Styled Dresses Just For You..!!

Women have always loved the idea of dressing up as we have various style to choose from. So settling for one option is not justified. We love the dresses, skater, shift dress, A-line, maxi or even mini skirts. As every girl looks appealing in a dress so let’s help you out to choose dresses basis your body type. So let’s get you style arrest this summer with amazing style tips to flaunt dresses like a diva.

1- Rectangular Body Shape Type

If you own a rectangular body like that of a supermodel, we are happy to share the good news that everything looks good on you. Rectangle or straight body has a proportionate ratio of shoulders, bust, and butt. Thank us later, first get the dress that fits you best. Hey beautiful, dress up in Shift dresses, Empire line dress or even Kaftan dress to flaunt like a diva.

2- Hour Glass Body Shape Type

To embrace yourself more we are happy to share you that you own a balanced body. Owning an hourglass shape have a curvaceous body. Bust and butt are the almost equal sized and proportionate. You go, girl, you own a perfect body to flaunt your sexy body. So gorgeous be ready to style arrest with fitted dresses like bodycon dresses paired with belts or well-tailored dresses to enhance your waist curve.

3- Apple Shaped Body Type

A person who has lower body part is thinner as compared to the upper body in this body shape. You own some extra pounds in the upper area and that’s completely fine being a lady. The best kind of dress for you to add volume to lower body is a peplum or ruffle details dress on the bottom. Hey sweetie, you can even go for the A-line dresses, maxi dresses to add volume to your lower body.

4-Diamond Shaped Body Type

The owner of a diamond-shaped body has a wider butt, narrow bust as compared to the shoulders and fuller midsection of the body. Such women gain weight around the stomach area. The most beautiful part of your body is the lower legs which are worth flaunting if you own this shape.  Go for wearing a midi dress, skirts having V necks to flaunt your lower legs even more.

5-Pear Shaped Body Type

A person who owns smaller bust and slightly bigger butt usually fall into peer body shape category. So cutie just remembers this, while dressing balance the body by removing attention from butt the and focussing on waist. Go for dresses skater dresses to look beautifully wrapped in a gorgeous dress.

6-Athletic Body Type

Women who fall into this category are not curvey rather they have thicker thighs muscles and own well-formed body. So such divas should go for a tailored knee-length dress which looks attractive on this body type. A belted dresses look is a perfect addition to give a look of the curvier body.

7-Oval Body Type

This body type has a waist larger than bust and butt as narrower as compared to the shoulders. This body type person should aim at balancing the midsection to make bust proportionately equal. The best to wear for this body type is a Shift dress to avoid inviting attention to your waist.

8-Lipstick Shades basis your Skin color


Hey, beautiful we understand that beauty comes in shape and color too. So paint your lips with the perfect lipstick and rock your world in style. Lips are the first thing that grabs attention so glam it up with the perfect color and trend arrest spectators in style.

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