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You Are Gifted If You Could Connect To These Psychological Signs?

Published on: 28/05/18 12:52 PM

What Are Those Gifts To Humans?

Some humans are spiritually gifted, yes there exists a trivial percentage of the population that is blessed with these psychological signs. As there are some signs that are beyond the comprehension of a normal human being. If you have any of these signs know that you are GIFTED.

Can Read Your Dreams Regularly

Most people tend to forget what they saw in their dream while there is a small percentage that could remember those dreams when they wake up. If you have the ability to recollect your dreams, know that you are gifted. Less people know that when they are sleeping their mind receives a message. You can maintain a dream keeper for yourself, by jotting down what you saw as soon as you wake up. So that you can protect yourself from the worst that is about to happen to you.

Dreams Tend To Come True


If your dreams have been coming true from some time its time you immediately take actions to avoid such danger. It helps in gaining clarity over your thoughts that ultimately help you overcome the bad thought.

Waking Up At Night

If you couldn’t sleep between 3-4 am and feel spirits talking to you or whispering in your ears, know there is a purpose behind it. It’s known as the holy hour where angles try to create a bond with you. You might be the choicest human of god and he has sent you on earth for a purpose and to be a part of the revolution of this earth. So never ignore these unacceptable yet true signs that prove there is a guardian angel guiding your path.

Nightmares Don’t Let You Sleep


When the spiritual energy around us fail to communicate a message in a normal way they transform into a nightmare. If it happens with you again just confront this energy saying- “I don’t fear you” and I am ready to hear what you want to say to me?

You Are Extremely Empathetic

If you are extremely caring about your loved ones and share a pure bonding of love with them then you will be informed about bad happening, first. If you see someone close suffering and you dreamed of them to be dead. Know that your dreams are warning your body about a mishappening in advance. Such occurrences are the sign that inquires something is about to happen with your loved ones.

Strong Intuition


People who can judge the outcome of an activity accurately are often termed as intuitive. As they rely on their intuition and do as their gut feeling says to them. Don’t ignore the gut feeling that you encounter in form of- dreams, thoughts and even uneasy situation. Be attentive to signal that is transmitted to you via spirits. Notice the signals that are shooting through you when you compare your worst and best experience. Be grateful for the medium that helps those spirits flow to you and convey a message to protect you from forecasted danger.

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