Girls Expression to Recent Launch of “RABF Application” For Curing Depression!

Published on: 17/09/18 4:24 PM

Girls Expression To The Recent Launch Of RABF Application (Rent A Boy Friend)


In the era of smartphones and technology its difficult to match the frequency of fast-changing world. 2018 has witnessed the world changing drastically and moving towards a different zone of innovation. You might think I am crazy if I tell you that an application for renting a BF is launched. Yes, you heard me right! It’s an idea introduced by a resident of Mumbai Kaushal Prakash (age 29 years) to fight depression. Now, let’s know how girls have reacted to this app launch and what are their views about the same?

The reaction of girls whose guys are renting himself to be someone’s boyfriend!


Some install and delete users are using this application to check whether it works or not. The admin shared that app in an Instagram post mentioning the concern “eradicate depression”. The application contains photos of shirtless men for “platonic” relationships..!!

How Girls React to the Application Launched Claiming Its A Cure For Depressed Girls?


This application uses mental health as a business trick to sell a service that will cure depression. Emotional support from random men isn’t exactly what something a depressed woman would accept. This is surely a crab idea as RABF is not something women seek to cure depression.

The question remains who gave him this idea and who invested in this?


Are Women So Insufficient To Handle Their Problems That They Need An Application Like THIS!


Women don’t need a random guy to cure their pain as they don’t find talking to a stranger, COOL.

At first place, no decent women find herself comfortable getting attention from a stranger!!


If this application would have been launched for vice-versa. It would have surely worked for non-committed men who are looking for reasons to satisfy themselves as majority lack self-control.

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