Gloomy Days After Diwali! Now Don’t Feel Depressed.

Published on: 13/11/18 10:51 AM

Post Diwali Feeling and hacks to get vver

It is post-Diwali day. You are in the office and must be going down memory lane of the moments you cherished with your family and friends. For so many days you were eating delicious food and celebrating the grand festival. But, now, Diwali vacations are over and all of us abhor post-Diwali time. Many of you might be feeling blues but you can deal with this post-Diwali bored feeling. Here are some of the ways

Christmas is coming!!

Diwali is just the start of the festive season and the festive spirit will now carry on to Christmas and New Year as well! Remember that this emotional chasm is only temporary.

Stay connected to people

Now that you have met your friends over Diwali, you can reach out to them whenever you feel low. Make it a point to stay in touch and meet more often.



Shopping is a major stress-buster and mood uplifter for a lot many. We know you spent a great deal on Diwali already but it’s fine because it’s a month of an extravaganza.

Spend time outdoors

A good way to combat the boring days is by heading outdoors. Go cycling or visit the park in the morning or afternoon to cheer yourself.

Stay social

We know you posted everything on your Facebook and Instagram, from your rangolis to office Diwali party pictures, but you need to stay social even after Diwali is over. Staying connected will give you a boost.


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