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Gobustan National Park: Where Stones Sing

Published on: 14/12/18 2:44 PM

The Mystery of Singing Stones in Azerbaijan Gobustan National Park

Bizarre rock formations, more than 400 mud volcanoes, and the large musical stone!! These all can be found in “the land of the dry riverbed,” Gobustan National Park, in eastern Azerbaijan.

The Gaval Dash, which is at the entrance to the park, is one of four singing stones found in the reserve. Two meters long, the stone resonates a tambourine-like sound when it is “played” by hitting it with smaller stones. Gaval Dash means “tambourine stone.” 

This resonance is due to the result of a combination of the unique climate and the effect of the natural gas within the region. Other rocks in the Gobustan area also have proven as the singing stones.

A number of Azeri musicians use the hypnotic sound of the rock to create pieces of music, partly in combination with other instruments, or chanting.

Visitors can also play this early musical instrument, beating out rhythms which echo those made eons before.

On the limestone plateau in the semi-desert of eastern Azerbaijan, there are more than 6,000 rock carvings, known as petroglyphs. These petroglyphs are the most ancient art of human civilization.

The carvings on the rocks show warriors and tattooed women; oxen, deer, and goats; scenes of fishing and scenes of sacrifice.

The Gobustan National Park is an ethereal place, where travelers from East to West have met and settled in this limestone caves and left their marks on the shelter walls.


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