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Google Products That Are Life Savior And Easy To Use!

Published on: 27/04/18 3:10 PM

Useful Google Products!

Here we have a list of products that will ease your daily life. With the launch of Google products, it has made customers life much easier. With the use of its amazing hardware, you can make life simpler. This hardware is so friendly and easy to install that it can installed by anyone in the house. Let’s know these products to get them installed in our home as well.

1- Google Home Mini

You can get answers from google with the help of “Google Home Mini”. All you have to do is ask questions and it will answer o your query. Be it about the weather forecast, traffic status, finance, sports and much more? Simply ask to get answered. It’s like a small family member that is intelligent enough to answer all your problems.

What it cannot answer is- problems related to life and questions dealing a point of view as to whether you should break up with your boyfriend or not? You can relax your hands and set them free for tuning to entertainment just with the use of your voice. Your voice can play music, audiobooks, stream shows, movies and more to your TV with the help of Chromecast device. This device costs just  4,499.

Setting Up is Blink Simple-
Plug in the power cable into Google Home Mini. Then, plug in the adapter into the wall socket. Now, download and run the Google Home app on a phone or tablet to start using it.

Streaming entertainment from your device to your TV is made simpler with the use of Chromecast. It helps in the plugin to your TV’s HDMI port. Simply use your device and the TV you own to stream shows, movies, games and more. Chromecast is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, Mac and Windows laptop and Chromebook. As it’s easy to control TV from any corner of your house.

Keep using your device without worrying about the drain of battery or some form of interruptions. As soon as you press the cast button you can see your content on the bigger screen. You, don’t need any new login, all you need to do is just open the application installed on your phone. Unlimited entertainment is now available for your access. Access anything ranging from- TV shows, movies, songs and more just through apps like Netflix, YouTube and Google Play.  Turn your TV into a picture frame and make it your mobile mirror that displays the content you choose to display on your Tv screen. As anything you view on your phone will get displayed on Tv directly. It costs just ₹. 3,399. 

Setting Up is Easier –
Plugin Chromecast and visit chromecast.com/setup and then connect chromecast to your Wi-Fi network and tap the Cast button in a Cast-enabled application.
3-Chromecast Audio
Chromecast Audio helps you stream tunes from your device to your speakers. This audio plugs into your speakers so that you can stream music from your device over Wi-Fi. You can connect it with your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet, Mac and Windows laptops or Chromebook. Higher-quality sound is what this device provides, that makes you hear to sound even more clearly. Chromecast Audio supports high-resolution audio, which is even better than CD-quality sound. Stream without the hassle, to make your speaker pump up some beat.
You can even search, play, pause and do more with this device from anywhere in the house. Multi-room lets you group Chromecast Audio with many devices together so you can listen to multiple devices playing the same song for you. This is best when a party is set up at home and you wish to lite up the ambiance of the house with music. The streaming won’t drain your phone’s battery and you allow you to take calls and browse the internet as well. This feature is best for organizing a home party. It costs just ₹ 3,399, that is pretty affordable. Firstly open a Cast-enabled app on your device and find a video you wish to play and then tap the cast button from the app and master its control from your own device.
Setting Up is One Tap-
Just Plugin Chromecast and visit chromecast.com/setup and then Connect Chromecast to your Wi-Fi network, and tap the Cast button in a Cast-enabled app.

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