Google Is Giving Debut Of Its Social Gaming Startup Called Arcade!

Published on: 3/05/18 6:00 PM

Google is all set to launch its social-gaming startup called Arcade. The founder and co-owner of this new firm called Arcade is Michael Sayman. The former is just 21-year-old, and earlier worked with Facebook Inc. intern at the age of 17. Later left the Facebook company for Alphabet Inc.’s Google last year. Arcade’s first app is going to give its debut this summer containing some elements of a trivia game.

Arcade will work independently, so it won’t be using any existing social media service like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.  As the game is not linked to the social network, as the user will be asked to create accounts with the help of phone numbers. It’s a social-media investment of google. Once a game is popular it builds the audience that can give it a social media exposure.Every user has to register here with their phone number to start playing the game. Therefore, you require a phone number to start playing this game. Google will elaborate on further update on the same shortly. For now, they are planning to keep younger generation hooked on mobile phones. Sayman joined Google in August as a product manager for the Google Assistant team who advised colleagues about teenagers behavior with respect to technology.


Sayman has got a budget to hire staff, marketing, designing, and financing is a startup with less risk and more work. Area 120 is a workshop for Google’s experimental products. Such initiatives at Mountain View, California based Google is helpful in product discovery and development. As these ideas shape google to give a wider product base and room for innovation.


Google spokesperson
confirmed the existence of Arcade,
saying it was-
“focused on mobile gaming with friends,”
without elaborating on specific products.
“It’s a very early experiment.
So there, aren’t details to share right now.”
The effort is part of Area 120,
a division where selected employees can work
on small startups that live inside Google.

Google is All Set to surprise youth with the new gaming application, that will give its debut this year in summer.
We hope this experiment gets success! Game lovers are ready for this treat from Google.

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