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This Age Defying Taiwanese Designer Is Only 41 YO!!

Published on: 3/07/17 12:05 PM

Some youngsters enjoy their junky meals and don’t bother about their health and fitness and some work hard to shed the extra kilos and stay fit. But to maintain oneself post 40 is such a tricky task for all of us.

Don’t you think so?? If yes so let me introduce this Taiwanese designer whose beauty is something that cannot be handle.

Lure Hsu is a 41-year-old interior designer and she has stunned us with her beauty. Her gorgeous looks and the curvy figure has given us a life goal. Even though she is waiting to celebrate her 42nd birthday soon but looks nothing like her age.

This stunning lady has revealed her beauty secrets, that she drinks lots of water and eats vegetables and avoids drinking soft drinks. She takes only one cup of Joe every morning.

She keeps her skin moisturized and hydrated and always keeps sunscreen in her pocket.

Lure is 41 and has no wrinkles or spots. People even mistake her for a teenager girl.  Her social media account is flooded with followers. Lure is now richer on Instagram with 230,000 follows and on Facebook with over 341,000 likes.

Don’t you think we should take beauty tips from Lure? Share your views with us!